Remington Rollingblock Sport 1 1/2 PAT#

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  1. exfirefighter1

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    I have a Remington Rolling Block .38 Cal black powder rimfire
    PAT# MAY ?? NOV 15th 1864 - April 19th 186_.
    The SN is 1XXX
    Contacted Remington and they said it was made between 1870.
    Weapon is in great shape
    Want to find out more info.
    How about some help from the experts out there?
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  2. cpttango30

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    Rolling blocks can be very accurate but you have to watch using modern ammo in them as they are a very weak action. My dad has 4 or 5 rolling blocks.

    Your more than likely not going to find any ammo that will shoot in it as it is a 38 cal rimfire. That cartridge has been dead since a long time ago.