Remington or savage.

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by alcott7, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. alcott7

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    I'm doing a build in left hand. Which wild be a better action to use, I'm stuck on the fence.
    Also any left handed stock recommendations will be greatly appreciated !
  2. ShagNasty1001

    ShagNasty1001 New Member

    I had a Remington 700. I now have a Savage Model 10 ;)

  3. 762

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    either, both good guns. both have a lot of parts/accessories available. savage is a little nicer to the wallet. my 700P was about $900 out the door. everyone uses the 700 for custom builds, maybe do something different and go the savage route.
  4. chloeshooter

    chloeshooter New Member

    there is a very good reason for that......more aftermarket parts available (new and used), as well as reputation. I am probably not a good enough shooter to say I'd notice the difference down the range. Marine snipers sure are tho! (M700 builds)
  5. JonM

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    Easier to customize and accurize than a remington 700. The whole gun is diy. More diy parts are available than for the remington. Most models come stock with triggers on par with custom triggers for the 700.

    Savage model 10 target rifles out of the box outshoot or are on par with custom 700's.

    My wife's model 10 is a half moa gun out as far as you can launch a 308. The only work done to it was a total tear down and put together to closer saami minimum spec no aftermarket parts needed since the stock it came with was pillar bedded free floated and a accutrigger that was better than the jewwell trigger i had on my old 700.
  6. Apex-Predator

    Apex-Predator New Member

    Savage without a doubt, great action, easy to work with, and while the 700 may have a strong aftermarket too I can find ANYTHING I want for a Savage 110 from the top manufactures.
  7. jpattersonnh

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    I've never been a Remington guy, ever. Don't own one. Savage makes a VG rifle. It departs from by Mausers, but not by much. Howa rifles are an outstanding value and an excellent rifle. I've gone back to Mausers including a CZ527, but most are older then I am. For a left hand build, I'd go w/ a Savage.
    Remingtons are not that great.
  8. DFlynt

    DFlynt New Member

    Either is a good choice. I personally would go with a Savage, far easier to work on at home, barrel changes are much easier due to the barrel nut system on the Savage.

    Please keep us updated on your project either way, as I am a left handed shooter and might be interested eventually in something similar.
  9. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Active Member

    If you just wanted a left handed rifle either brand would work fine,but since your wanting to assemble a rifle yourself,I'd suggest the Savage.
    But you need to know which one's to buy if you are planning on buying a used rifle for a donor action. Buying the wrong one will screw you when it comes to buying aftermarket stocks,and other hard parts.
    You really want to avoid the 1st generation short action receivers with an action screw spacing of 4.522",these were produced from 1959-1988. You'll have a hard time building a rifle with these,you can't find aftermarket parts for them.

    The 2nd and 3rd generation short actions are what you will mostly find. The 2nd is the older staggered feed internal box mag,and the 3rd (present) is the new centerfeed internal box mag or the detachable magazine models.
    The 2nd gen has a bolt spacing of 4.275"
    The 3rd gen is 4.400"
    All of Savage Long actions are 5.062",so if you are wanting a long action caliber,anything will work aftermarket. On older Savage's,they also made Long action 110's,that shot Short Action calibers. Target shooters like these actions because you can take advantage of having a longer magazine for cartridges that are set out close to the lands,and they wouldn't fit in a standard short action magazine.

    There are many choices of aftermarket stocks for the Savage actions,but Left handed does cut down your options some. I have a couple Boyd's Laminate stocks,and several composite tactical style Left hand stocks on mine.