Remington model 7400

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    This 30 -06 was given to me for graduation. Does anyone here on one if so what is your opinion of them.

  2. 6_5swedeforelk

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    Graduation... the road ahead

    Don't put too much thought on what others may think of this rifle.
    Being gifted to you on this milepost event, it is destined to become your most cherished rifle! Probably given to you by someone much-loved who saw your maturity level worthy of the 7400.

    No idea what your future plans are, but if you'll humor an old guy...

    Many are into further education, BA, political science, excellent.
    But also get as many trades and talents under your belt!
    In this competitive world, employers are less asking "what degrees do you have?" and more "but what can you DO?"

    Sincerely, best of luck. You are our future.
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  3. robocop10mm

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    The 7400 is a good rifle, but not a great one. I have a 7400 carbine that I like. It is an imporvement over earlier designs. It will not withstand tens of thousands of rounds, but will give a lifetime of service if you use if for a hunter.