Remington model 7400

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by K9243, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. K9243

    K9243 New Member

    This 30 -06 was given to me for graduation. Does anyone here on one if so what is your opinion of them.
  2. angryhart

    angryhart New Member

    I don't own one but I borrowed one to hunt with years ago. I never really shot it at the range but in the field with factory ammo it dropped a few deer. I've seen pictures of people making them "tacti-cool" with grips and other stuff but that was not their intended design. Maybe it works like that but that's not for me. Great brush gun and quick follow up if needed. Good scope mounts will handle the recoil but that's with just about any gun. I think you'll like it just fine. Keep it clean.

  3. KS95B40

    KS95B40 New Member

    My Dad had one that he shot quite a few whitetail and one elk with, he loved it. I can't say for certain how accurate it was, but I don't think that he ever missed a shot with it.

    My brother in law inherited it when my dad died 10 years ago, he still occasionally hunts with it.
  4. armsmaster270

    armsmaster270 New Member

    I have a 30-06 Model 740 which was made in the 50's or 60's I love it, it was my grandfathers he made a lot of 1 shot deer kills with it.
  5. armysharpshooter

    armysharpshooter New Member

    Actually I have two of them. One is a Mdl 740 25th anniversary edition with custom wood. The other is a Mdl 742 carbine length with the stamped receiver depicting bears on one side and deer on the other both are in cal 30-06. A good tip in cleaning is invest in some bore snakes and an Otis cleaning kit. Then go to Walmart and buy some break cleaner spray cans for the action & bolt areas, but be sure to spray some WD40 or you'll be trying to pry open a rusty action...
  6. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Active Member

    My 740 is a 308, it belonged to my father, therefore I keep it. Killed my very first deer with that old 740. It still works as intended.
  7. MOshooter

    MOshooter New Member

    I still have a Remington 7400 chambered in the 30-06,it has always been a very effective whitetail rifle. The 7400 doesn't get taken out at all,because I prefer hunting and shooting my Remington 700s.
  8. fmj

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    Never, NEVER, NEVER use WD 40 on a gun or any moving part. Its a water displacer! It WILL gum up moving parts!! Matter of fact, i wont even have that garbage in my barn...there are better products on the market.

    To the original post, Yes i do, sort of. I have the Rem. Model Four. Its the 7400 platform just all dressed up and limited production. Inherited it from my dad. Dad dumped MANY deer with it.

    Its a shooter! A Sweet shooter! Killed my first Yooper buck with it the year dad died. Buck was DRT.