remington cdl .300 wsm EJECT

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    Bought a new CDL .300 WSM in 2009 to HELP bring down a 8x8 elk here in arizona. Hunt went good, dropped the elk at 500 yards one shot. Problem is the brass does not always eject out of the ejector. Called remington and they gave me a woman to talk to. She said why don't I try another brand of ammo.....remington???? I was using federal prem.
    What a waste of my time.
    Took it to a gunsmith local....two times, did not fix it, frustrated.
    Will not talk to remington again....waste my time.
    HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM? What was the fix? Rifle is VERY accurate but can't live with this issue.

  2. Marlinman

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    How fast are you racking the bolt? Also post a pic of the bolt face and a direct view of the extractor.

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    Mike the rim diameter against Sammi specs and see if that's the problem. Also check for burrs on the extractor and boltface. As well as push in the ejector and make sure it springs back and forth.