Remington and Colt Moving

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by pmriley, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. pmriley

    pmriley New Member

    Remington and Colt may leave New York and Conneticut respectively over micro stamping firing pins. I say welcome to Indiana or any other gun friendly state!

    Gun ID legislation may trigger exodus of gunmakers Remington, Colt
  2. Tackleberry1

    Tackleberry1 New Member

    ...and if they do, I'll buy one of each!

    It's about time manufacturers walk away from States that want to attack the gun industry and It's customers. IMHO these blue States don't deserve the tax base.


  3. opaww

    opaww New Member

    It is not enough for them to just walk away, they need to stop selling any product they make to the anti-gun states as well.
  4. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker Well-Known Member

    Doesn't that just hurt the gun owners though? The politicians would love, and endorse that idea.
  5. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    When Hawaii threatened Barrett firearms, Barrett told Hawaii straight up, 'you ban my guns I won't sell anything nor help your police force anymore.'. I sent Barrett an email thanking them for standing up. Their response was swift.

    I am, and encourage each of you to write Colt and Remington as well. I pledge to buy myself Remington and Colt products if they tell NY to go F themselves.

    It's bad enough these liberal tin pot dictators micromanage the lives of their own constituents, but they extend their deluded visions to the nation, forcing their views and beliefs on us.

    I really wish someone (here maybe?) would start a group, 'Friends of Remington and Colt', and get pledges to purchase their products if they stand up to the anti-gun dictators.

    I'd like to see them move from New York and become filthy rich because of it, and I plan to help them.

    Limbaugh and Glenn Beck left New York. I'd like to see all the others leave the tin pot dictator state and create a tax vacuum.

    Hit them where it hurts! In the wallet!!!!

    I wouldn't have even bought my colt if I knew it was made in new York. I'd rather give my money to New Hampshire, Sig Sauer.

    Just like grocery shopping. I NEVER buy produce from California. Look for Florida or local instead. Every single red cent you give to these scum bags is used against you.

  6. opaww

    opaww New Member

    No not at all sense both Remington and Colt will not micro stamp their product it cannot be sold in either state to law abiding citizens if this law passes. Only LE's and Military are exempt from the microstamping law. So if they stop selling all products in them two states then it only effects LE's and Military.
  7. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker Well-Known Member

    That makes a little more sense. Basically, they're pulling a Barrett if they do that.
  8. downsouth

    downsouth New Member

    Remington and Colt set to move production from NY & Conn

    Both states are looking at legislation to make micro stamping the firing pin law.
  9. stoppingpower

    stoppingpower New Member

    Better come to Wyoming.. im ready for a new path in life

    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    What a dumba$$ law! Most of the violent crimes are committed with stolen guns to begin with. And a legal gun owner would have reported the theft. So the imprint of the primer would serve no useful purpose. All it would do is cause the original owner a minor inconvenience.
  11. steve666

    steve666 New Member

    We would be very happy to have them here in Indiana. I'm sure they could get all kinds of tax breaks, etc. for moving here.
  12. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    Wow... Micro stamping... Like 2 seconds with a jewelers file won't solve that problem...

    And that's just it. Little tin pot dictator ways to run gun companies out of business. They know this and they LIE!!!!!
  13. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Barrett told Kalifornia to shove it, I don't remember the Hawaii incident..

    Micro stamping a firing pin is a pretty friggin stupid move if you ask me. You buy the weapon, you pull the firing pin and replace with an aftermarket model.

    Takes, what, 10 minutes out of your day? :rolleyes:

    Once again it's not the law abiding citizen you need to worry about tracking brass on, it's the criminals dummy!

    Work on getting criminals off the street and away from the billion black market firearms first, then we can TALK about my guns.

  14. SWBMOAMP2691

    SWBMOAMP2691 New Member

    It’s unfair of them to resist sensible regulation to save lives. It does not impact lawful gun ownership at all.”

    It won't save lives, from my understanding it can only be used to identify the firearm by leaving a microstamp on the shell casing. That would require the firearm to already have been fired meaning that said life has probably already been taken. And yes, everything gun control related DOES effect lawful gun ownership.
  15. ineverFTF

    ineverFTF New Member

    What would it take to start a group like what you are talking about?
    I would love to help with something like that.
  16. vincent

    vincent New Member

    Background: Microstamping is a proposed means for
    imprinting unique serial numbers onto cartridges fired
    from a gun. Similar to “ballistic fingerprinting,” it
    allegedly helps police identify what firearm might have
    been used in a crime. Microstamping uses precision
    equipment to remove microscopic amounts of metal
    from the tip of the firing pin
    Myth: Independent testing by
    forensic technologists shows
    the technology is reliable
    Fact: Firing pins are readily removable and swappable
    in most models of handguns, and with inexpensive replacement parts. Criminals who file
    down serial numbers on the sides of guns won’t hesitate to file or exchange firing pins.
    Micro stamped Serial Number
    Fact: 46% of impressions ranked as “unsatisfactory” (i.e., illegible) after only ten
    Fact: Reloaded ammo (which is extremely common due to the economics of recycling
    casings and home reloading tools) will make prosecuting cases nearly impossible once
    the “reloaded ammo” defense is raised (for microstamping that imprints case sides). A
    case may have two or more markings, making the final shooter impossible to identify.
    Myth: Filing the firing pin will make the gun
    Fact: Firing pins are designed to be pushed deeply into the primer (igniter) of the round.
    The depth of the engraving (approximately 0.005 inch)134 is vastly smaller than the
    tolerance of the firing pins drive depth.
    Fact: In a test, the engravings were removed using a 50-year-old knife sharpening stone
    in less than a minute. The firearm still operated correctly after the filing.135
    Myth: The cost per firearm will be cheap
    Fact: The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the representative for firearm
    manufactures, estimates the cost will be upwards of $150 per firearm, more than tripling
    the price of self-protection and making it unaffordable for low-income people.136 The
    Brady Campaign dispute those with firearm manufacturing experience claiming microstamping
    would cost only 50¢?
    133 NanoTagTM Markings From Another Perspective, George G. Krivosta, Suffolk County Crime
    Laboratory, Hauppauge, New York, Winter 2006 edition of the AFTE Journal
    134 Ibid
    135 Ibid
    136 Etched bullets interest law enforcement, The Record, September 25, 2006
    Gun Facts Version 6.0 Page 23
    Copyright 2011, Guy Smith All Rights Reserved
    Myth: The numbers will let police find the gun’s
    owner and help solve crimes
    Fact: Since many crime guns are stolen property, 137 finding the finding the original
    owner does not help solve the crime.
  17. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    Myth: liberals are intelligent
    Fact: just because you received a bought and paid for education in an unrealistic field, and think you know how to lie and manipulate people does not make you intelligent at all.
    Bonus fact: it makes you a douche.

    AIKIJUTSU New Member

    I think the main issue here is registration of firearms. To associate the serial numbers with specific people. Even if the gun is not used in a crime they will have the documentation of who owns it. So at confiscation time they can bring a list of your guns with them.
  19. dragunovsks

    dragunovsks New Member

    I for one would be very proud to see those companies move to Indiana, or any other gun friendly state, teach the libtards a lesson. Think of the jobs and the revenue those states would lose.

    There are plenty of places here in Indiana they could move, most likely be cheaper on them to operate here and would be a lot easier for inbound and outbound shipments to get to them.