remington 870 vs mossberg 500

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  1. icallshotgun88

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    This goes out to all the individuals deciding on which one to get...

    Its the age old question...Remington 870 or Mossberg 500?

    I bought both and decided to see which one i liked best.
    I tried both and tried many different configurations.
    I'd consider myself an extremely objective person and highly unbiased. Here's what I've found..

    It really comes down to the SETUP you will have on your shotgun...

    With a PISTOL GRIP the 870's safety and slide release will be much easier to operate...just try a disengaging a mossberg's safety with a pistol grip. its not difficult (obviously) but its not as efficient as the 870 with a pistol grip.
    With the 870, the the safety is much easier to disengage than the Mossberg's (WITH a pistol grip) and same thing goes for the slide release...


    The Mossberg is a better choice for a standard shotgun setup WITHOUT a pistol grip simply because you can be more efficient with operating the safety and slide release. It just works better.
    The slide release can be easily operated with your middle finger while the safety can be easily disengaged with your thumb...but WITH a pistol grip it is much less efficient.

    Of course you can be good with whatever setup you like on either gun as long as you practice, but it wont be more "efficient"...

    In CONCLUSION, if you're going to run a pistol grip (wether home defense or turkey hunting) the 870 has a better design. On the other hand, if you're looking for a standard grip then the Mossberg has a more efficient design.

    LASTLY, obviously there are other considerations for buying shotguns other than how efficiently thy operate with your desired heres what I've found...

    1. The 870 is a slightly simpler design and easier to break down and clean...which i understand isn't that big of an advantage.

    2. The Mossberg has a flat head screw holding down its ejector whereas the 870's is pinned; therefore, if anything were to go wrong with the ejector, the Mossberg would be an easy fix, whereas with the 870 you may need to bring it to a gunsmith.

    ...both guns come in so may friggen styles and configurations that you're destined to find exactly what you're looking for with either gun...thats just my $0.02

    I always appreciated taking others' advice from this forum so I thought I'd share...
  2. icallshotgun88

    icallshotgun88 New Member

    i guess this thread just shows which one is more efficient with or without a pistol grip setup...

    i understand that maybe some people don't care about operating efficiently..

    maybe youre just using this shotgun for trap/skeet or something where operating efficiency of the safety and slide release is not of any importance...

    in that case...chose either one

    an abundance of parts and aftermarket accessories are available for both...have fun! ;)

  3. DrFootball

    DrFootball disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED... Lifetime Supporter

    Thanks for the insight. Never had the 500 but have other products. My first two shotguns were 870's...

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  4. Virginian

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    Most overworked topic on the internet. Whichever way you go, you have over 10 million people on your side. And over 10 million on the other side. And every one of them has an opinion.
  5. DP03

    DP03 New Member

    I don't take sides on this. I have a 590A1 configured exactly the way I want it and love it. So much fun to shoot. But I'd also love to have an 870, as everyone seems to love them and I don't read anything but great things........someday I'll have both :)
  6. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    Having used both i own a 590 and will never buy a 870.

    One huge issue with the 870 is the loading gate blocks the mag tube. This is very annoying when hunting or shooting skeet or trap. I do use my 590 for trap and usually end up in the upper end of finishers much to the dismay of the less tactically inclined. You can set up a 500 for sporting use very easily

    Double extractors very positive ejection versus the 870 single.

    Trigger pack of the 500 series makes carrying a spare if your hunting pretty simple to most shotty issues.

    Locking lug which allows the 500 to get away with using a lightweight aluminum reciever as the bolt design of the 500 series locks steel to steel eliminating the need of the reciever to endure those stresses. Carry a 870 for while in the field then switch to a 500/590 you will see a big diff.
  7. Vincine

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    au contraire. I think the most overworked topic is the 9mm/.40/.45 debate. Maybe the Glock vs. everything else, or the .223/5.56 questions. Lets start a thread on which debate is better.
  8. Virginian

    Virginian Active Member

    Having shot both, and owned both, I will never own another Mossberg. I greatly prefer the Remington's ergonomics. If the loading gate is too tough for you, definitely get a Mossberg. I never notice it or knew it was a problem in over 40 years.
  9. rb522

    rb522 New Member

    Own both, never had an issue with either one . I think both are fine firearms, and would not criticize someone for their choice. Shoot and enjoy.

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  10. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    I own a Mossberg 500. Standard composite stock. Kicks like a mule

    on crack. The 870s I've used have less recoil. The Mossberg, IMO,

    is lighter, and cycles a little better.
  11. big_blue79

    big_blue79 New Member

    I've got to go with the 500, I've owned an 870 Express in 12ga, and a 500 Field in 12ga, of the two, the 500 was the smoother cycling, I wasn't a fan of the parkerized finish on the bolt of my 870. That being said, I handled a 20ga Youth 870 Express at a LGS, that 870 had the smoother action than my 500 had, which was surprising!! Between those two, I'd take the 500 though, now if it were between 500, 870, and the 1200/1300 Winchester(US Made) I'd choose the 1300.
  12. Virginian

    Virginian Active Member

    The 500 and the 870 both have a much, much better reputation than the 1300. Since the Model 12, Winchester has gone thru the 1200, 1300, the Speed Pump, and now the SXP. Each step has eliminated a few more issues. Time will tell is the Turkish built pump is the final iteration.
  13. RKB

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  14. dalefan88

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    I'm left handed and love my mossberg. I can hit the slide release with my trigger finger with no problems.

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  15. F4U

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    I have 2 870s an express and an older wingmaster. The wingmaster may be my favorite in my collection. I shot trap with it for 8 or 10 years until I got my Ruger o/a. The express seems much cruder and less smooth.

    I have never owned a Mossberg, but a good friend had one that he literally shot till it was completely worn out. I mean 20 years of trap, hunting, target practice, teaching newbies, and just about anything else you can think of. Hot trap loads, slugs, light rabbit loads, every kind of load imaginable. It now has a nice resting place above the fireplace and he is working on wearing out the next Mossberg, I think he has about 16 years to go on the next one. :rolleyes:

    In the time he wore out that Mossberg I rotated 2 Remingtons (1 870 1 1100) and a Ruger Red Label into and out of trap duties, and a different 870 for the little bit of hunting that I do.
  16. Bigcountry02

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    I have 3 870's and love them all, 2 are the Self-Defense and the 3rd is the bird gun. I have been shooting the 870 more than the .22LR lately. I just wish I could get some range time.
  17. Virginian

    Virginian Active Member

    With the non availability of .22 LR ammo that's not hard to believe.
  18. bobski

    bobski Well-Known Member Sponsor

    after reading this im lead to believe that no one is satisfied with just buying a shotgun anymore.
    shotguns use to be like ice cream cones. you got one because you were hot and wanted to cool off.
    but now theyve become like bananna splits. you dont buy it because youre hot, you just want to gorge yourself on massive amounts of goo and calories.
    and..its just not a bananna split without 3 flavors of ice cream, syrup, sprinkles, and pineapple pured all over it. oh and dont forget the cherry on top.
    in my decades of shotgun teaching, usage, and repair...i conclude that 99% of modern shotgun owners couldnt hit the broad side of a barn.. standing in it.
    ...and have wasted good income on making shotguns look cool or put things on it to make it 'make up' for a lack of skill.

    to each is own...but just give me a vanilla cone and i'll walk circles around a bananna split any day.
  19. ninjatoth

    ninjatoth New Member

    For me it's simpler, nothing can beat a wood stocked pump shotgun with an 18" barrel in the looks department.
  20. Bigcountry02

    Bigcountry02 Coffee! If your not shaking, you need another cup Supporter

    You made me hungry now! :D