Remington 870 slug deer gun ammo

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by champions, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. champions

    champions Guest

    Cant seem to find out what kind of ammo can be used with this gun, can someone please help. It is a rifled barrel and i know sabot's can be used not sure about oyther ammo.
  2. CCW357

    CCW357 New Member

    I have an 870, but its not rifled, I use the Brennekes. great slugs, not sure how they will do with the rifled barrell.

  3. shnorse

    shnorse New Member

    i use the hornady sabot slugs in my 20 gauge remington 870 rifled barrel.

    my buddy uses normal rifled slugs in his mossberg 500 w/ rifled barrel and has good accuracy with that combo also, just have to clean it more then with sabots. can still shoot 30 shots a day no problem though...

    box of 15 for 10 bucks for normal slugs
    i get a box of 5 for 12 bucks... i only use mine for hunting, use smooth bore barrel and rifled slugs when target shooting