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    I have an 870. Looking to add a little to it. I have a tactical light and I have a 6 shell saddle on the side and that's about it. I would like to add the 8 shell saddle with short rail from Mesa Tactical. But I think you need a shorter forend and can't find one. I would also like to add some sort of pistol grip butt stock also. One that holds more shells though preferably. But telescoping is okay I guess, if its good. I just want to hold as many shells as possible. Also wanting to get the door breeching barrel, think its 18 1/2 inch.. Any help with setup ideas?? And with an 8.5 inch barrel, what kind of mag extension can I have. I have one now I think its 2.

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    Check out the stocks and accessoriies at Advance Technology International. They have shell hoders, interchangeable stock systems, and short fore ends among other things. they will probablly have what you are looking for. Best of luck.
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