Remington 870 Express is mine

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Tom the roofer, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Tom the roofer

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    I dropped into the local gun shop to checK out some tactical shotguns. I've been wanting to get one so I figured I would check them out and get an idea of pricing.

    The salesman was very helpful and knowedgable. He showed me the Remington 870's and the Mossbergs. I really liked the 870 but it was in a 20" barrel 8+1 with a polymer pistol grip and fixed stock.

    I really wanted the shortest barrel with the most rounds so I ordered an 870 Express with an 18" barrel 6+1 capacity $349.95. I also ordered a polymer pistol grip with a fixed stock for 74.99. I prolly paid too much but the next closest gun dealer is 25 miles away and I figured order the shotgun is one trip and pick it up another and 2 trips would be 100+ miles and diesel fuel ain't cheap so I just bought it. :rolleyes: Besides I didn't feel like driving anyway.

    It should be in tomorrow.

    Well, On the way out I eyeballed a Romanian WASR10 AK47 with polymer furniture and a fold to the side stock. I had some extra cash on me so I went ahead and I bought it and gave the AK a new home. :D It's a sweet piece.

    I couldn't help it. i just couldn't help it. Thats what I told my wife :D She said I thought you wern't going to buy anymore guns for awhile. I said it's been almost a month since I bought the Bersa 380. She just shook her head and smiled and said thats OK honey, I understand. AAHHH she's a great Gal.

    I haven't told her about the 870 yet :eek:
  2. fluffo63

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    .allthough the dog house will be cold..LOL
    good choice i have owned them both the REM
    worked flauless,,good luck:D

  3. hillbilly68

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    I know the feeling. Can't tell you how many gun boxes I have slipped out of the house. Problem is my wife is gun savvy and will say "hey, I don't remember you having a (fill in the blank)". But by then its a done deal. Of course it costs me a few shopping trips :rolleyes:
  4. WMW0505

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    I am sure you will enjoy your 870. Sounds just like the one I bought last July; I got mine after taxes for $333. ;)