Remington 770

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Nathan, May 6, 2011.

  1. Nathan

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    I've heard that the action on this rifle is pretty bad, Anyone own one?

    IGETEVEN New Member

    The 770 is of course Remington's budget rifle. While the 770 will undoubtably do a lot, they are an economy line rifle. There are some things Remington did on the 770 in order to cut price, but in my opinion you will still get a rifle that functions well in almost any hunting situation you will find yourself in.

    Although the action differs from a 700, the barrel is well built and accurate. The stock is comfortable, but not very durable. For hunting and shooting it less than maybe 10-20 times a year, it will probably last and serve you well and produce some nice groupings with a decent scope. If your gonna be using it for shooting competition, putting a considerable amount of rounds down the barrel each year, IMHO...No.

  3. natman

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    I don't own one and wouldn't take one if it were offered to me for free. I have handled them and took one apart once. I was appalled that Remington would offer a rifle with such shoddy workmanship. Whether it will function well enough to kill game is immaterial; what matters is that there are FAR better rifles offered for a similar price.

    Look to Savage and Marlin.
  4. huffmanite

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    I joined a shooting club several years ago....try to take 4 rifles to the range at least one day a week to shoot and chat with my fellow shooters. I've seen a lot of Remington rifles there, but don't recall ever seeing a 770 or its predecessor. I spent most of this morning at range and gent I often shoot with began talking about his experience with a 770, which was not a good one. Basically, a friend had asked him to do a trigger job on one....something he is quite adept at doing with a rifle. Like earlier poster related, he was not happy with what he saw when taking apart the rifle. Make a long story short, he'd buy a Stevens 200, Marlin XL/XS or Mossberg ATR before he'd buy a Remington 770. Mind you, he is not a Remington hater, owns a .260 Remington rifle he ordered from their custom shop.
  5. Nathan

    Nathan New Member

    Thanks guys im probably going to get a Weatherby VG1 or a Mossberg ATR
    100 in .270 or .308, There both at Academy here in Tulsa.
  6. AusLach

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    I can vouch for the Weatherbys, they're great rifles on a strong and safe action. The action is made by Howa in Japan and features a two-position safety and a fluted bolt with twin locking lugs. The synthetic stocks are durable enough for a few years hard use but I recently upgraded mine to a B&C Carlson. I do also have a mate who has a wood-stocked Vanguard in .308 with a stainless barrel and it looks and shoots amazingly. Recoil is stout but definitely manageable.

    I thoroughly endorse your choice :cool: