Remington 770 + SKS = fun day.

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    So I happened to have some free time to finally do my last load test for some FMJ reloads for my .243. Went out to the field I shoot in with 70 rounds of a load I know works well. I ended up shooting at gophers most of the day.

    One of the saddest yet best moment of my shooting days happened all at the same time. I hit a gopher at 343 yards, which was freaking awesome.....but nobody was there to witness it. The owner of the field came over as I was walking back from the corpse though. So that's proof enough.

    I also shot a few gophers with the SKS, but all where under 100yards. I never thought those little buggers would be so hard to see with iron sights man. Happened to take fifteen shots at a target to show a friend, same guy who owns the field, just how "accurate" the gun is. Even I was surprised by the size of the group. I'm alright with it though since its still minute of bad guy, defiantly going to adjust the sights though.

    After all that, I finally got to doing my load testing, six hours after getting there. The three groups where done with an 80gr FMJ pushed by 40.5gr of accurate 4350. The optic used was a Tasco 2.5-10x39, all groups where done from a prone position with a Walmart bipod.....please for the love of god don't ask what happened to the one group, I've no idea.

    Also, to those who say Rem 770s aren't worth what they cost, mine must be a special one.....but the SKS still has a better trigger, in my opinion anyways. All-in-all, was a pretty fun day.

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