Remington 760 30-06 Gamemaster

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    I inherited this rifle from my dad when he passed away a couple years ago. I've used it (even while he was alive) to harvest many deer. unfortunately it's old and beat up.. the stock while it's not cracked it's worn, faded, dented, etc. The small hole for a sling has either rotted out of it, or just ripped out. I am looking for a new stock for it. however... am unable to find answers anywhere regarding whether a 7600 stock and foreend will fit the 760 gamemaster or not. I am a fan of the 'tactical' stocks out there, but none seems to include a fore end. either that or when I find a normla stock it's no longer available.

    i dont think I am handy enough nor do I really have the time to put into refinishing the stock, tho I am certain it would look MUCH better.

    you fellas heard of anywhere where they may have stocks available? whether tectical or not.

    i've also heard from several places an 870 fore end will fit. any truth to this? would be real nice if both the stock and fore end fit. :)

    thanks all for looking any help you can give is greatly appreciated .
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    Boyds has them
    You might try Hoosier gunworks
    Try Numrich as well