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    ok so i know i want my next gun to be the Remington 700. I want to buy it before Dec 10th so i have it for the woods. Now my question is which one. Im liking the SPS in .308 caliber. I hunt both in woods and on fields. I just want to get some recommendations on which would be better. I see the varmint edition..not exactly sure what is different? just looks from what i can tell. ive been looking around on at some. I want it to be bolt action and all black.

    Another part im unsure about is the barrel length, id assume that longer barrel gets better accuracy, so longer the better id guess. right?

    I just wanna get a discussion going about this gun. And yes, i am set on the Remington 700 in .308 bolt action. I'd like it to have a magazine too. and dont wanna spend more than $600.00 on it. Im a poor college student, gotta be smart about it.

    any guidance would be great. thanks!
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    Rem700 in 308


    If I were to pick one, I'd get the VARMINT. The urban TACTICAL look is better IMO. However the 26" heavy barrel of the VARMINT is a plus for me where I am. Especially for dropping dear in the field @ 300. Its also a little more affordable I see. Also I'm just not a fan of a large caliber and short barrel.

    I held the 700 VTR .308 (22" Triangle barrel) in my hands and it seemed way too short. The Tactical is 20". The Varmint Stock is nice and chunky with good grips. With a 26" heavy barrel I believe it to be a very good hunting rifle.

    Barrel length helps accuracy. Also consider the stocks on those 2 guns. You can glass bed the VARMINT stock for sure. I dont know about the Houge over molded one though.

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    For hunting, a bull barrel is not a good Idea. If you are going to shoot multiple rounds from a bench a Bull barrel will not heat up as fast thus accuracy wont be effected as much but for hunting you should only need 1 shot or rarely 2. If you need more a bull band slingshot may be more appropriate. Barrel length does not necessarily mean accuracy. Try holding aim with a 26 inch bull barrel then try a 20 inch sporting barrel. It may not mean a lot in your current state of youth but it will after you carry it for any distance. If you are only going to shoot from a bench a bull barrel would be a plus.
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    A varmint rifle is a different beast than a hunting rifle.

    I have a 700 VLS with a 26" barrel and that thing sucks to pack around on your back all day. All out fitted with scope bipod and ammo it is close to 12# that is a ton of weight to be totting around along with draggin out a deer.

    I love my remmy but my go to varmint rifle changed to a RRA Predator Pursuit Rifle with a 20" barrel. It is 7 maybe 8# with monster 6-24x50mm scope and a 20rd mag. A lot easier to tote around the ground hog fields all day long.

    I would ignore that idiot MASDriver dude. Really 1/8" groups at 300 yards with a BSA that is effing laughable.

    I would go with just a regular old hunting rifle.

    If I were you I would sure look into a Howa you can get a better rifle that the bottom end (SPS) line of Remingtons for slightly less money.

    Howa Rifles

    There you can get a good rifle with a decent starter scope for $625 that is not a bad price if you ask me. There are many Howa lovers on here that will atest to the accuracy and specs of a Howa.

    World champ Coyote Caller Les Johnson switched to Howa from Remington.

    Another great predator hunting uses Savage rifles.

    You are looking at at least $300 just to get a detach mag for a rem 700. If you want an affordable rifle with a detachable mag look no further than the Savage Edge.
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    I've been looking at .308's for a while, trying to decide which one I want. I ended up ordering the Remington 700 SPS 20 inch. Price? $579 shipped. From Discount Guns for Sale - Buds Gun Shop

    I've never seen that rifle at that price (the actual price is $557, but with tax and I also paid $6 for insurance, it raised the price to the above).

    I haven't received it yet, should be here early next week, then I am going to start looking for some decent optics and then hit the range with it to see exactly what it will do (okay, see what I can do).

    The other .308 I was looking at was the DPMS Panther, 24 inch, bull barrel. But the cheapest I've seen it online is $964 and even at the gun shows they want at least $1000.

    For under 600 bucks, I think I made the right choice.
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    1) Nothing like waiting to the last minute, you need to spend some time shooting and learning whatever you purchase.
    2) Okay we know where you hunt, it would help to know what you are hunting? Prairie dog or Brown bear or something in between?
    3) ... dont really know what that comment is about.
    4) This is a good question. For a more general purpose hunting rifle a 20 or 22" barrel will do you fine. 24 and 26's are good if you are shooting long distances, 600-1000 yds. But are not the best in heavy growth and can be unweildly in tight confines not to mention the extra mass. If you are shooting some open ground and wood I would not go any shorter than 20 ish inches.