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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by snow, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. snow

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    Hi All,

    I just purchased a Remmy 700 XCR Tactical compact in .308 and threw on a Bushnell 3200 elite scope and bipod. This gun is quite amazing, but i need some advice.

    First, is it possible to alter the gun so that it accepts a detachable magazine? I love to sit outside and shoot paper at various ranges (and hunt) however its quite cold where i live and my GF who also likes to take the gun out and shoot hates having to reload in the cold every four shots. She wants to load up a bunch of clips inside and then head out.

    Second, i have some issues getting the proper cheek weld, anything i can do to alter the stock or put something on it so that it will elevate my face?

    Any help would be much appreciated
  2. cpttango30

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    First yes there are a few different DM set ups on the market.

    Check Shop Shooting Supplies | Reloading | Gunsmithing | Hunting gear — MidwayUSA for them.

    How far from the barrel is your scope?

    First thing I am going to say is get the scope as close to the barrel as you can.

    then there are pads and what not that can be attached to the stock to raise your head up slightly.

    Accuracy is going to be better the closer the centerline of the scope is to the centerline of the barrel.

  3. JonM

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    the remington 700 is a push feed. at the range i seldom if ever load my xcr compact tactical with the magazine i just drop a round in and close the bolt.

    the detachable mag kits are very pricey. they all get mixed reviews. ive been keeping my eye on these kits as its something i would like too. the price hasnt outweighed the risk, its too much cost for a product with meh reviews.

    ive got a leupold mark4 4.5x14 mildot. on mine.

    i cant recomend a cheek piece as i have a high cheek hold on mine from years of shooting AR15A1. its a bad habit but i still make the shots.
  4. jpattersonnh

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    You may want to check NY gun laws. In many states, having loaded mags in your vehicle constitutes a loaded firearm. It would be the same as concealed carry without a permit. I would double check before spending $$$$.
  5. mrm14

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    Badger Ordance M5 BDM

    I run the Badger Ordance Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal in my Rem. 700 and it works well. It's a very solid unit and accepets AI 5 round (long action) and 10 round (short action) magazines. I've seen a few other bottom metal set ups and some are junk as the magazines jam or are "sketchy" from time to time when instering in the mag well. Usually I've seen this with the stamped steel ones and have yet to see it with the milled ones such as the Badger Ordance offering. The only down side to the Badger Ordance or other milled DBM's is the price. To me the deteachable magazine is worth it as it is a nice feature to have and it is a necessity for the timed events the club that I shoot with have.
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  6. Silvertip 44

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    I thought about bottom metal too, but at $300 plus for the kit and $70 or more per magazine, I can use what i have or shoot single shot at the range.
  7. canebrake

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpLi064e_JI]YouTube - How to Determine the Proper Scope Ring Height[/ame]