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remington 700 wsm

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looking at buying this gun and looking for some first hand feedback positive and negative. will be mainly a whitetail long range gun gun but wll be going west for mulies and elk.. 270wsm
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Remington actions are strong and generally accurate. I, for one, do not buy into the current short magnum craze. Ammo is expensive and harder to find than "traditional" calibers. IMHO there is nothing wrong with the .270 for deer. Plenty of different loads available form the major manufacturers. For that matter a .30-06, .308 or .25-06 are all the deer rifle most will ever need. The only reasons for getting the "magnums" are really long shots (500 + yards) or penile compensation. Many folks make the "bigger (faster) is better" decision with out any good reason. If you cannot accurately place a shot, you cannot be successful in your hunt. If the rifle recoils to excess you are much more likely to develop a flinch that will cause a miss or (worse) bad hit.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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