Remington 700 trigger.

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  1. klamerust

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    I have a Left-Handed Remington 700 in .280 cal. That I use for hunting. The trigger has about 8# of pull. I would like to reduce that amount. Not too much. Maybe to 2-4#. As I see it there are two ways to accomplish this. First have a gunsmith adjust the factory trigger. Second buy an after market trigger. Which approach do you think is best?
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    A gunsmith fix will cost you whatever their rate is if they are ocal If not figure transfer fees and shipping, with a result that may not be acceptable to you. If it isn't you have to live with it.

    After market triggers of good quality can be had (especially for the 700, even left hand models) for less than $150. They require no machining, lapping or polishing. If you can twist an Allen wrench, you can adjust it to where YOU want it.

    One example:
    Part number 883-000-031
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  3. JonM

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    Depending on the model some 700's come with outstanding triggers. My 700 came with a 40-X remington trigger and its adjustable and a really good one for a factory setup.
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    Your local gunsmith would be able to adjust it to a crisp, clean, 2-3# trigger cheaper than what it would cost to install an aftermarket trigger. I'd go with the factory trigger adjustment if it was me.
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    As a 700 owner. I got a VLS varmint rifle and it has almost a 10# trigger. I adjusted myself. There are instructions on the web. I got mine down to 3# before it was dangerous.

    That lasted like 3 weeks before I purchased and installed my Timney trigger. My factory trigger was rough at too much take up too much over travel and felt like gravel was in it. I even cleaned it out with break clean and other solvents and tried oil, grease and dry lube. Nothing helped it. My timney took 15 minutes to install and 45 min to adjust. I go slow when adjusting because I wanted it as light as I could SAFELY get it. This is a varmint gun not a pack through the woods hunting rifle. It not sits at 1# breaks like glass and have zero take up and zero over travel. A bad trigger on a varmint gun can make you miss a good shot.

    Rifle basix triggers are good trigger. I have a Timney and rank it slightly better than the Rifle Basix unit. If you want to go for the Kobe Beef trigger for a 700 look no further than a Jewell. Just be warned once you buy a Jewell you will end up putting them on every thing you own that they make a trigger for and they cost A LOT.
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    i had one on my old 700 PSS it really is a sweet trigger. i dont shoot 308 as much as i used to but if i went back to shooting in club meets i would put another one in my current 700 in a heart beat.
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    Just put a timney on my remington 700 adl and my weatherby vanguard I had a gunsmith adjust the factory trigger on my vanguard and it was lighter but still seemed sloppy, im not saying that reworking the factory trigger is not worthwhile it just didn't work very well for my particular rifle. The timney was a night and day difference on both rifles and I would highly recommend them