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Remington 700 Trigger Problems

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I just bought a used Remington 700 and upon attempting to unload it, the gun fired. I know the older models have had these issues, but I cannot remember what the fix is.
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The first step is to clean the rigger machanism thouroughly. This is best accomplished with the trigger group removed from the actuion and disassembled but, if this is beyond your abilities, do not idsassemble. Just flush with Varsol or a similar solvent then oil lightly with a gun oil. Do not over-oil. Blow off the excess with compressed air.
Re-install the trigger and cock the rifle. You will be able to view the contact between the trigger connector and the sear through a hole in the left side of the trigger housing. With the rifle cocked, engage the safety. When the safety is engaged, the sear should be visibly lifted up so there is no contact between the sear and trigger connector. If this is not the case, either the safety lever or the sear is worn or out of spec. If the safety does lift the sear, pull the trigger. When the trigger is released, it should return freely to it's original position. If it does not, the weight-ofpull adjustment shoulg be turned in until it does.
Make sure that sear engagement is adequate. This can be set by cocking the rifle then turning the sear engagement screw in until the rifle fires. Then back the screw out 1/4 turn.
By the way, the sear engagement screw is located at the rear of the housing. The weight of pull screw is at the bottom front and the overtravel is at the top front.
If the safety lever does not lift the sear so that it is clear of the trigger connector, the trigger should be replaced unless you are capable of determining and performing the proper repair . GD
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