Remington 700 short action stocks

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  1. smoooth308

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    Was wondering what peoples thoughts were on aftermarket stocks. From the cheaper ones to the higher end manners/mcmillan.
    Recently picked up a Remington 700 sps tactical. I know there is a flaw with the hogue stocks they have been putting on them and want to upgrade
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    I like the McMillan A-5 stock. I have one for a long action that works well for me and my new short action build will have one also. The Remington 700 I used the reciever out of came out of a rifle with an sps stock.
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  3. Wambli

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    Best bang for the buck out there is the Bell and Carlson Tactical stock that Les Baer is using on their tactical .308. I have it on my LR rig and it's built like a tank.

    My son just ordered the same for his brand new 700 SPS .308 Tactical. By the way we just went to shoot his rifle in the Hogue stock it came in and it was doing solid sub MOA groups with both Federal Gold Match 168 gr ammo and Hornady TAP in the factory stock. It's not staying in it but the gun is a heck of a shooter with that stock on so I can't wait to see what it can do in a good stock.
  4. smoooth308

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    Sweet thanks for the replies guys. I would love to get a McMillan a-5 but I've heard the wait time right now is really long and it's a little out of my budget. I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to either that bell and Carlson tactical or the h-s precision m24 tactical stock designed for the shorter barrel length.

    Yes I unfortunately haven't been able to get out and shoot mine yet but that will be changing Wednesday. Just got the scope mounted last week and am really looking forward to getting her dialed in. But like you said I've heard really good things about the rifle and read a review that even with the hogue stock the guy was shooting sub .5 moa with the federal gold match 168 grain which is ridiculously accurate
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    You might also try boyds depending on what your after.

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