Remington 700 rings and mounts

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    I am new here and I recently got a Remington 700 ADL in .308, I have been doing some research on what rings/mounts i want to get and I've narrowed it down to either a talley 2-piece scope mounts for 36$(currently on sale).

    Or getting an egw mount and burris xtr rings, which would probably be around a 100$, I don't want to spend to much money though. However if the egw/burris rings are that much better ill get them. The scope is a 6x-24x-40mm bushnell banner, i will eventually upgrade to a bushnell elite, but that won't be for a few years. The gun would be used for prone target shooting.

    Also, the rifle came with Leopold 2 piece base, that seems pretty secure, should i even bother replacing the mount or rings at all?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I now have these on three or four of my rifles. I really like the fact that they're one-piece with fewer parts to shift. Plus the Talley people are really nice to work with.

    Talley Lightweight One-Piece Alloy Scope Mounts

    Some people will say that you have to have steel, but I've read just as many opinions in favor of alloy.

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    Is there anything wrong with the current rings/bases? If not, why replace them? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Many people prefer the one piece bases for their rigidity, but it probably will not matter for 95% of the shooters.
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    What is the reason for new rings\mounts? The mounts you have are fine - and I like the windage ability of them. I much prefer the look of two piece bases and enjoy the added chamber access they bring. I have recommended the Burris rings but in truth never used them. I put a little silicon on rings after lapping them and it accomplishes the same thing as the plastic inserts. I think it is actually better and easier. Save your money and apply the $35 or so towards your Elite. You will notice the scope improvement far more than any difference in rings.
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    If you have never used Burris Signature Zee rings,then how would you know what you are saying?
    If you ever buy/use some,you'll probably never buy any other type/brand of scope rings.
    I have several different types/brands of scope rings on my guns,but I have only bought/installed Burris Signature Zee rings on any gun since I first tried them out.
    They are absolutely the best rings available,in my opinion.

    Try some,and you'll change your mind.
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    Please explain.
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    I prefer standard leupold one piece base and burris signature rings. Simple proven and it just works.
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    Ok here's the deal. The last four rifles (maybe more) where my help was requested I recommended, and in some cases bought, and installed them myself. I have gotten to use them. Great product or I wouldn't recommend them -they make everything easy. Best option for the majority of folks in my opinion -ok? My old school method has always been to lap the rings with lapping compound, use alignment bars to guarantee alignment, smear a little silcon on the rings and let sit a bit, place the scope and align eye relief, verify vertical, then tighten. My method accomplishes exactly what the rings are designed to do: insure proper alignment, protect against points of pressure, guard against slippage and scratches. The ring inserts do this much more easily than my old method. Why don't I own any? Because while they are great, they dont' create an automatic need for me to replace rock solid scope ring setups I feel good about working on -and I havn't bought anything for myself in a while. If\when I get another rifle and need a scope will I use the Burris? Very possibly, just depends on how much I feel like tinkering. I am an habitual tinkerer and yes it is a bad habit. Oh, why did I say I like my method better? Silly really and no basis in anything rational. The ring inserts TO ME often look just not perfectly even and it can seem odd seeing something off color between the scope and the ring. No bad comes of it, they still do there job extremely well it is just that I trim the excess silicon from mine and like the fact it looks neat, trim, and invisible. It in a nutshell.