Remington 700 adl

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Redneck420, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Redneck420

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    I'm thinking about getting a 700 adl at gander mountain but I can't decide on caliber: .308, .30-06, .270, .243 or .7mm-08. I plan to use it just at the range and on the occasional coyote or groundhog. What do you think?
  2. Axxe55

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    any of those would work fine for the uses you want it for. here's a question, how many rifles do you own and in what other calibers? reason i ask, it might help to suggest a good choice depending on what you have or don't have.

    personally i like all those listed and own all of them with the exception of the 243 which i need to replace again. my ultimate narrow it down to one caliber and make a choice of all listed, it would be the 30-06 for me. very versatile, very broad selection of factory ammo of all listed, and it can be used to hunt just about anything in North America with the proper ammo choice.

  3. jeepboy4life

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    I just purchased a Remington 700 ADL SS in .243, only put a few founds for it before I decided to change scopes but its a great rifle.
  4. shouldazagged

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    Used to own a 700 ADL in .243 years ago and loved it. Deadly accurate, especially on groundhogs up to 400 yards, and adequate for deer--I took a nice buck with it. The caliber is a good one for reloading, though the range of bullet weights available was nowhere near that of the .30/06 or .308.

    Mine was a joy to shoot. Unfortunately in my drinking days I went crazy and sold it.
  5. chloeshooter

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    I have the Remington ADL in 30-06. Love the gun, I would like to get a .243 caliber rifle for flatter target shooting
  6. aandabooks

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    I was looking at the ADLs also. For under $500, I don't think you can go wrong. I'm comparing the Ruger American, Rem and Savages. My GM had a couple with heavy barrels. My choice in caliber would be .30-06. Other than .223/5.56 it is the only centerfire I own.

    How is the trigger in the guns? It is some redesigned trigger system. My main complaint about GM is the put on trigger locks and remove the bolts.