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    i have a remington 700 6mm short action and recently bought a bigger scope for it but the problem is i need to set it up higher. The mount on it is a once peice leupold with 1 removable ring. So i looked online on amazon and found another mount for it wo convert it to a picatinny rail. bought high profile rings for it. Im still waiting for it but my question is i bought a mount for a short action model 700 and was wondering if it will screw right on or am i going to have to drill and tap again. Im just not familar with the setup of the gun out of box because it was my grandpaps and he gave it to me for christmas. Are all the model 700 scope setups all the same with the 3 screws or not.
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    yea that isnt the mount to a t but the right idea. I couldnt get the front ring off and was afraid of bending the mount. i plan on long range shooting with it and that rear ring setup is that any good.
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    The front ring twists into the front base.Leupold makes a wrench for it,or you can tape up the front ring,and use a big crescent wrench and turn the ring 90* to take it off.
    Or just take it to a local gunsmith and have it done.
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    I have Ironsighter scope mounts on my Rem 700 (7mm Rem mag) It allows you to use iron sights but they were the mounts I needed to put on my scope. I put a 4-12X50 pro 50 by simmons on it I had to take off the rear iron sight and the scope only has 3/8" between it and the barrel.