Remington 597?

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  1. celticpride2133

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    So what do you think about this rifle? I heard the magazines have had some issues, has this been resolved? Accuracy? Trigger? I would keep it stock so no 1000 dollar upgrades!
  2. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    I have one, I like it, get the Ruger 10/22.

  3. tomgodd

    tomgodd Active Member

    Agree! Way more after market support with the 10/22.
    I have had my remington 597 in 22lr for years. It's accurate and reliable. Never had any real issues with gun or mags unless really dirty. The trigger sucks!
  4. Blueguns

    Blueguns New Member

    10/22 will be your best bet, but if you want the Remington then go for it, it's a good rifle.
  5. 7point62

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    I have nothing at all against Remington, but the 597 is one of their weaker products. If you can cough up an extra C-Note get the 10/22. Much better track record. I speak from experience.
  6. cjn79

    cjn79 New Member

    Ya the magazines cause some feeding issues. I don't have one but my brother does. He has one mag that always feeds great but 3 others dont. I do have an old Remington Nylon 66 which I love but it has a magazine tube in the butt. So for mag fed I'm another vote for the 10/22s as well.
  7. bradford027

    bradford027 New Member

    I just bought one ,a heavy barrel. After a box of federal bulk and a couple hundred federal match not one jam. No fail to feeds....nothin. It will do one ragged hole at 30 yds. I was hittin pieces of broken clays at 100 yds consistently from a rest with a 3-9x32 scope. Out of the box it shoots way better than a ruger. After a couple hundred dollars the ruger may keep up. Get one , you wont be disappointed. I paid $199 for the bull barrel version.
  8. chloeshooter

    chloeshooter Active Member

    Have you ever shot a 10/22 out of the box? Mine could bust clays 9 out of 10 shots as us. That's with a simple 4x scope. $275 all-in. Bam!
  9. bradford027

    bradford027 New Member

    Yes i have...more than a few. And i said already broken pieces of clays :)
  10. mrt8110

    mrt8110 New Member

    The 597

    I would pick up and shoulder each and would include the Marlin 60. After that I will commend U on your choice of the Marlin 60.It holds 15,slimmer profile, the sights are excellent,more accurate out of the box, and the receiver is grooved for a scope. On top of all this the Marlin 60 is less expensive than the Ruger or Remington, not cheaper.I have a plethora of .22's and my My 60 is always my go to rifle.

    Needless to say I am a Marlin fan, but seriously check them all out, YOU will be much happier in the long run!

    PS might as well check out the Savage 64 also, they do sell them scope included.
  11. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    Note that half the responses said get a 1022, even tho the OP has said NO CHANGES...

    Ok, the early 597's had a huge issues with lousy magazines...which later got resolved,
    but by that time word was out and it killed a lot of potential sales...Remmy has since revamped the mags a
    and come out with a WIDE variety of OEM Stocks from the factory!!
    that being said, I've got a 1976 Remington Nylon 66 that'll probably outshoot any 597 made thusfar...
    not to mention being more reliable ;)

    The last respondent (mrt8110) was the most correct, although if one wanted to stay with Box-style magazines,
    the Marlin to look at would be the 795...which is out of the box more precise than an out of the box 1022...
    some rascals with a Lead Sled took the time to prove that, most folks content over at another forum...

    In fact, I'd challenge ANY 1022 owner to do the same thing...go buy an inexpensive Marlin 795 and test it themselves!!
    I think you'd be surprised at the results!!!

    Not to mention that pimping the 795, IS less expensive than the 1022...
    This one currently has less than $250 in it...including the cost of the 795 itself!! (On sale for $99 and an additional $25 rebate!!)
    Ramline Folding Stock $25 from Numrich
    Simmons Black Diamond scope @ Wally for $30
    Weaver see-thru rings @ Wally for $10
    Razor Sling $10 @ Wally
    Shooter's Ridge Bipod @ Wally for $20
    Marlin adjustable Rear Target Sight from Numrich for $10
    Three Champion 25-rd Magazines for $20 each
    Tactical M-4 bag from a pawnshop for $10
    And a leftover Brownell's Acraglass kit for the pillar bedding ;)

    So after the minor, inexpensive upgrades, it tortures 10-times more expensive rifles at the range :D
    Wanna see a CZ owner cry?? Beat him with a Marlin 795!!!
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  12. Gh0zt36

    Gh0zt36 Well-Known Member

    So the magazine issue has been resolved for the 597? Why arn't there any quality aftermarket mags for it ?

    I'm picking one up tomorrow its some kinda camo . I've heard nothing but good things about the rifle and nothing but bad about the mags. I've even read it can outshoot the 10/22 in accuracy . My new 10/22 takedown didn't like hearing that one . I just want a good companion rimfire if anyone wants to go plinking at the range. I like similar caliber guns in twos that way if anyone likes what im shooting they can always shoot the same thing in a different rifle. Like my norinco mak 90 ak and norinco SKS .

    Ok I digress. Does anyone know of any quality aftermarket mags for the 597 they had good luck with ? Looks like a fun little rimfire.
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  13. tomgodd

    tomgodd Active Member

    I have a few of the remington 10 and 30 round magazines. They all work pretty well unless they are filthy. I only put 28 in the 30 if I fill the 30 up it jams after the first shot.