Remington 597 vtr

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by troberts1967, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. troberts1967

    troberts1967 New Member

    Am having slot of jamming with my rifle. I have stripped all the old grease and have tried using it today with no oil on any parts and still jamming. I am using high velocity rounds .
  2. GunDoc

    GunDoc New Member

    I own a 597 and love it. That said it has some things you must pay attention to:
    • Always use the metal magazines or quality aftermarket ones. The plastic 10 round factory ones are prone to jamming.
    • Keep the extractor squeaky clean. An exacto blade under the hook will clean it up.
    • When tightening the set screws that secure the rails, be sure to snug them, and then back them off a half turn. the rails need a little room to float or you'll get binding and jamming.
    Try those and if it still won't shoot right give me a shout and I'll do what I can help you out.