Remington 596 magnum 17 cal

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    This model is rimfire and I would like to make it center fire. Where can I buy the parts to make the switch? How hard will this be?
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    The.17 RF cartridges are based on .22 LR or .22 mag. The .17 Remington Centerfire is based on the .221 Fireball (shortened version of the .222)

    Chamber dimensions are nowhere NEAR close. You would need to have rifle rechambered, assuming that there is enough metal at the breech to allow this to be done. The bolt would have to redesigned to contain the GREATLY higher pressures. Which will also handle having a different extractor to handle a grooved base cartridge, and a center fire firing pin. And then there is the issue of loading a 2.5 inch cartridge from a 1 inch magazine. Next, replace the barrel, since it has wrong rate of twist for the .17 Remington. Think the only thing original left would be the buttplate.

    This is like buying parts to convert a Dodge Neon to a Dodge Ram pickup truck. Could it be done? In theory. Start by replacing everything in between the front and rear license plates. Sorry-
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