Remington 522 Viper: Any good?

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by froggyjf, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. froggyjf

    froggyjf New Member

    Hey, Awhile back my dad owned this gun and from what he remembers he loved it.(He only owned the Viper for a little while, it's now lying somewhere in the bottom of a bayou. --Fell out the boat)
    He now has a ruger 10/22(from what I've heard is the overall "best" )
    I'm about to buy a Ruger because I've shot his and its..addictive. But I figured before I made the purchase I'd see what yall said about the Viper.

  2. ta1588

    ta1588 New Member

    Remington makes some very fine guns, but the 10/22 is hard to beat. I can't say anything for the Viper because I've never shot one but I am a happy 10/22 owner, if you want accessories it's the way to go! Even if you want to keep it stock it's a very very fine rifle.

  3. jaywmu

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    a viper was my first gun, so i have a wierd attachment to it, like a mom with an ugly baby. people complain about accuracy but i have never had that problem with. i put a scope on it and it shots just fine. it does jam alot. kind of annoying. magazines are hard to find now, and you have to be careful with the ones you have cause the plastic part on the bottom slides off and spring falls out. this has happened to me and i can never find that spring. i still like mine but you would be better off with something else. good luck
  4. Joe M

    Joe M New Member

    Get the Ruger 10/22. There simply is no comparison between the Ruger and Viper. The Ruger wins hands down. It will accept and shoot any .22LR ammo on the market and has many after market products available should you choose to upgrade your rifle in some way. The Viper has none of this available to it and has not been in production for a long time. Should you get a Viper and a part fails - good luck finding that part.

    Just my two cents worth.
  5. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    I've owned many Ruger 10/22s and can easily attest to reliability with them. I havn't owned a Viper BUT have had several brought to me for me to TRY to make them reliable. I was unsuccessful for the most part. In my opinion, the Viper wasn't a good design at all, and to be avoided. Get a 10/22 and you won't be sorry.
  6. cpttango30

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    OK this is coming from the Local Remington Fan boy 9 our of my 10 rifles are Remington. Get the 10/22 there is no match for it on the 22 semi front. The only thing that can surpass it is the custom made version from Magnum Research. The viper was plagued with problems and some people liked them but most never did like them because they jam so much and just over all were not a quality product.

    It is on my to do list is to build one for the wife and then one for me then maybe my son.

    These come after the AR build I need to get off my duff and work on getting going.
  7. burnsoft

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    The Viper 522 is a striaght little shooter for a 90 buck rifle, I was pretty happy with it until it broke 2 years ago. I recently fixed it and I'm happy with it again. But of course during the time that it was broken I got a replacement rifle which one of them was a 10/22 which which is another great little rifle to shoot at targets at 120 yds.

    I would say get a 10/22 since you can get parts for it and you have a lot og mag, stock, and barrels options that you can buy. The Viper 522 was disc. in 1996, so finding replacement parts is hard and the mags are hard to get. Plus you are limited to the 10 rnd mag which isn't that great.
  8. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    I'd go for a Marlin this time they're selling for $100-$129,
    and Marlin has a $25 rebate on 'em good until Dec, 31st, 2010 :)

    There are plenty of fun accessories for them, and even Ruger stocks can be modded slightly (10/22 is slightly wider) to fit the 795 :)

    Not to mention that the 795 is WAY more precise out of the box :D