Remington 240gr .444

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    This is going to be my ammo of choice from now on.I was recently given a '71 .444 marlin with 1:38"microgroove rifling,and I started out buying the 265gr Leverevolution ammo and was getting maybe a 5" group@100 yards as where the old standby Remingon is within 2",and for medium sized whitetail that I hunt,at ranges of 50 yards average,that Remington stuff should do alright.I did drop a deer last year with the Leverevolution ammo,but I was off the mark a bit and I got a nasty brow cut.After 3 rounds of the Leverevolution at the range I need to roll up a coat and put it between my shoulder and buttstock,as where since I switched to Remington,10 rounds bare shoulder don't hurt at all.