Remington .22 rifling depth

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    I own both the Speed master552 and the field master 572 .22cal. The rifling does not seem to be cut very deep except toward the 12 inches of the muzzle and that looks slight. My Marlin and my two Savages have good visable rifling from the chamber to the crown. Is this normal for Remingtons,or has the rifling been shot out? Yes,the bores are very clean but I have not shot them extensively to see how they group. The rifles are in very good shape with no bluing worn off anywhere.
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    Yes, I know you said the bores are clean- however, Remington did not use variable depth rifling, and Marlin used the shallow (Microgroove) rifling. It is RARE to find a non-antique 22 with a shot out bore. It IS common to find one with a lead fouled bore.

    Find a product called KROIL- it is made by Kano labs, you can order on line- it is the BEST penetrant oil made. Sop the bore with KROIL, let set overnight, come back and brush, not uncommon to see chunks of crud fall out.