Remington .22 golden bullet new and improved

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    I've probably shot 10,000 Remington .22's among others over 60 years.
    The Fourth my sister shot my Ruger target .22.
    I noticed signifigant puffs, of smoke, from each shot. The gun doesn't appear to be any dirtier than normal, after shooting.
    Have they changed the powder?
    The smoke smelled no different, that I could tell, from before.
    Once I take the gun apart to clean it I might find otherwise but doesn't appear real dirty.
    Some .22s don't feed very well through this gun but the Remingtons fed as good as the CCI Stingers.
  2. DrFootball

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    I have Gotten 450 Rounds of it so far this year(2-225's) and if you want to call it an "Improvment" I notice a Distinct "Crack" with it out of any 22 it's shot out of, should only see what it does to squash ,...

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