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    Impressions on the Remington 1911R1

    • Price
    • Satin black finish
    • Laser VS rollmark slide and frame markings
    • Double diamond walnut checkered stocks
    • Fit and finish
    • Beveled mag well
    • Sight system, highly visible three white dot dovetail system, front radiuses and wide notch rear fixed/set screwed sights
    • No MIM parts
    • Metal MSH
    • GI guide rod/slide stop/thumb safety
    • Checkered spring plug
    • Lowered/flared ejection port​

    Cons; (Must fix)
    • Thumb safety has a double step resulting in a “No Safe” condition on first step
    • Unsecured shipping container
    • Frame to MSH interface contour does not match resulting in sharp edges that cut into the palm. This requires wearing a shooting glove

    • Cast frame, mold marks
    • Short trigger
    • Incongruous use of silver finish on barrel bushing and trigger (on an otherwise all black gun)
    • Incongruous use of checkering on slide stop, mag release and spring plug VS serration on thumb safety, hammer, trigger and MSH
    • Barrel bushing's square finish, should have a carry bevel
    • Barrel is economy grade but shoots well
    • Barrel muzzle has no target crown
    • Cheap magazines, real junk. Light weight sheet metal, poor follower movement and they oil can. Their exterior dimensions do not fit the Uplula. First 1911 mag not to fit. I will be getting some Tripp’s!​

    Receipt inspection;
    • I was incredibly disappointed when we first opened the Remington Green Case. Nice case, but it has a poor fit to securely hold the R1. This could be remedied by bagging the R1 in bubble pack or paper
    • All items were unsecured and appeared to have been tossed around during shipping.
    • The first thing I noticed was damage to the checkered stocks. IMHO, this issue could have been prevented by simply bubble wrapping the gun or even an inexpensive paper wrap.
    • The owner's manual was damaged from rubbing against the gun. This manual contains the pistol's part/serial number and is a vital part of a collector's kit.​

    Overall impression;
    • I like this gun. It well represents its entry level price point.
    • Fit and finish is fitting for this product, maybe a step above. The slide to receiver fit is a tad loose but not an issue.
    • I am proud to have this 1911 in my arsenal.
    • I think of it as a Centennial issued no-bling shooter.
    • It is a true “Made In The USA” firearm.
    • There are no MIM parts.
    • The jury is still out on a cast receiver. (Albeit, not a real issue)
    • It’s a real shooter right out of the box!​

    I ran my new gun check-out then put the shoot-n-see targets up. The two orange spots were my outliers.


    I ran another box of WWB 230gr ball and as you can see, she shoots real pretty!


    Muzzle flip was very controllable, as you can see in this Mozambique Drill.


    My remote HD crashed and I lost the photos I had of the gun. I will take more and post later.
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    G-Damn! That is great shooting, a great reliability report, one hell of a good purchase and an absolutely EPIC Range Report.

    Thank you Cane for going to the ultimate detail and presenting the facts, regardless of the truth!!



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    Nice shootin there. Cant wait to see the pic of the piece that did the damage to osama bin needinanasswhoopin.
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    Looks like a solid entry level 1911. Thanks for the report.
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    Great report, I have been wanting one of these since I heard about their release.

    To have a Remington 1911 after 92 years of them not making the 1911 is something else.

    Nice addition to the collection
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  6. crazycharlie2

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    PPP as in P*** Poor Packaging.
    Getting a new firearm that rattled around in the shipping container is BS. I would take some photos and send them into Remington's Corp. Office with a letter saying you like the firearm, but you thought they ought to know about handling/shipping damage.
    Other than that,a real nice write-up and excellent shooting.:cool:
  7. stalkingbear

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    That is 1 of the most comprehensive range reports I have ever seen! Great range report & shooting.
  8. Byrdguy

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    As the kid said in the Unforgiven, "Is he kilt, Will". Looks like you kilt him, Axe.
  9. M14sRock

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    Thanks, Cane. Great report. I look forward to the pics of the pistol.

    FWIW I prefer the short trigger, so that is one thing I could cross off your "cons" list. And a loose frame to slide fit doesn't bother me as long as it is not terrible and the pistol still shoots well.
  10. Txhillbilly

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    Great report Cane.
    I handled a 1911R1 that my dealer received last week. Needless to say,I was disappointed by what Remington turned out.
    The finish was dull,and all the pics that I had seen in ads showed a nice high polished blued finish.The trigger was absolutely horrible,felt like atleast a 10-12lb trigger pull.The price was also quite a bit higher than we were first told both Wholesale/Retail.And like you said,the packaging could have been better from Remington.

    I doubt that I will buy one of these pistols.
  11. Flint Rock

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    I must admit that I am a little puzzled by Remington's thought process on this gun. It seems like they started to build an original mil-spec 1911, and then changed their mind. For me, the looks of the gun and the features present just don't match. This model seems like something that came out of a committee meeting, not a thought out model offering from a major arms maker. I would have liked to have seen a WW2 reissue model, much like Colt did with the 1911.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Excellant range report and write up and damn fine shooting there Cane! :D

    I too, am a little disappointed with the aesthetics and manufacturing shortcomings of the pistols operational pieces. I would think Remington would have put a little more design effort and parts quality into a comeback 1911 piece, but that would no doubt raise the price and make it unattainable for some, and I know they wanted a affordable, marketable 1911 to compete with RIA.

    One thing for sure, it does go bang when the trigger is pulled.

  13. canebrake

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    The Remington as received:


    Highlighted damage:


    Frame to MSH interface contour does not match resulting in sharp edges that cut into the palm. This requires wearing a shooting glove:



    Additional shots:

    Attached Files:

  14. Flint Rock

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    Are you going to return the gun to Remington for attention? I would like to know if they will refit the frame/mainspring area, and how long it takes them to do it.
  15. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    I sent them an answer yet.

    I may have to call them.
  16. crazycharlie2

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    A small update.
    I picked up my 1911R1 this Thanksgiving. Haven't had it out to shoot(deer hunters sighting in their firearms and the weather)
    Have the same experience as Cane with the mags and Uplula loader. No shipping damage. Put it on lay-away at Gander Mt and they immediately took it off the shelf and placed it in their arms storage.
    Also might add that I do not have the safety or fit problems that Cane had. It gets better than that.
    The price was $649+tax. Gander was running a special and I received $100 in Gander cash that I couldn't spend until the following Sunday. Went back Sunday and bought 250rd. of UMC 230gr hardball for $99.99 OTD with the coupons.
    Mine came with a match barrel as advertised and has no sharp edges on either the barrel or on the bushing.
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    Good looking 1911 right there. :cool:
  18. CA357

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    Please keep us in the loop Cane.

    I'm glad you got a good one Charlie.
  19. nemo007

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    MIM parts


    I don't want to start an argument, BUT - "whatdaya" mean no MIM parts? I can tell you that hammer, slide stop, thumb safety, grip safety, main spring housing, magazine release, recoil spring rod, firing pin block and sear are 100% MIM parts and you can see the mold lines on most of them. I also suspect firing pin itself and the plunger tube. Majority of people will tell you that it's OK to have MIM's but on certain parts I draw a line: slide stop, hammer , sear. Most likely I will replace all MIMs with billet, forged, HS steel parts anyway.... I really do agree with most of your cons, although cast frame doesn't bother me as much as the mold marks do, and Remington should start bead/sand blasting them out.... , other than that I love this pistol ;)