remington 1100 standard 20 ga receiver help

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    What is the difference between the standard 20ga receiver verses the lt 20ga receiver. I was offered a 20 standard receiver for 50 dollars and I figured I could build a nice little 20 ga but im not sure if there is a big difference and if it is worth it.
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    There is a huge difference. The standard was built on a 12 ga frame and the parts for it are proprietary to the standard 20 ga. with one exception. The stock and forearm are the same as a 12 ga.

    Other than that parts are extremely hard to find if not impossible. You can find a limited selection of barrels seeing that they are now obsolete and no one is producing barrels ( has some). The bolt and carrier are the hardest parts to find for it. I know guys with a reciever in the safe who have been looking for carrier parts for years.

    Some people will tell you you can convert the 20 over to a 12, but I would have to say they are very talented people. I have both a 20 standard and a 12. I did a ton of research on the remington society, with gunsmiths and even took both guns apart with the idea to swap recievers and I couldn't do it, neither could any of the gunsmiths I showed them to.

    Now enough of the doom and gloom. It is a heavy, I mean HEAVY duty 20. If you get it going it will last for a very long time and they shoot ohhhh sooooo smooooth mostly because of the heft of the gun with 20 ga shells. With all things even, I wouldn't sell my standard for anything in the world, but mine only had about a box put through it when it was given to me by someone who didn't know what it was.

    Maybe Virginian will chime in here. He is a very knowledgable member with the 1100 and has given me some good advice in the past
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