Remington 1100 Barrel Package (New in Box)

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    Remington 1100 Barrel Package - Just in time for bird season (dove, quail, duck, turkey & great buck shot barrel too).
    NEW IN BOX 26 inch 12 GA Vent Rib barrel for a Remington 1100 with a 2 ¾” chamber (not magnum). This is a 26" Hastings with vent rib and full, modified and improved cylinder screw in chokes with deluxe choke wrench. The package includes a BONUS of one turkey choke and one METRO barrel extension. Suggested retail for above was $320 for barrel, $209 for the Metro Extension and $43 for the turkey choke. This is a total value of over $550. The METRO barrel is a suppressor for a 12 Gage shotgun and is legal for you to own. Check it out at this URL (Metrogun). Incidentally, the Hastings barrel is a wadlock design which is not available from Remington. The Wadlock barrel is constructed so that the shot charge does not rotate when a round is fired. This keeps the entire shot charge focused and dramatically reduces flyers (pellets that fly out of pattern due to the typical wad rotation seen in other barrels). What this means to you is that every shell you shoot performs better down range. I have had people tell me that with the wadlock barrel, a target load performs like high brass.

    All of the above delivered to you absolutely new in box/package for only $250. NO FFL REQUIRED