Remington 11-87 Special Purpose Deer

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  1. GratefulHead77

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    I jut picked up a 1988 Remington 11-87 in excellent cond for $385 with 22" & 26" barrels, needless to say after a thorough cleaning the other night I took it out yesterday and put 50 rounds through it and it was flawless. I have heard some negative reviews of the newer versions of the 11-87, but I can say that I am a proud and excited owner of an original model 11-87.
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    Dad owns an old Special purpose not sure of the year. Has a battle action installed. Very slick shotgun. Congrats on a great shotgun.

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  3. locutus

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    The 11-87s are fine weapons. I've fired several of them with 18 inch barrels and buck, and never had a problem.

    One of my best friends switched over to a 20 ga 11-87 when got old enough that the recoil of his lightweight Browning O/U 12 ga got a little uncomfortable.

    You couldn't pry that 11-87 out of his hands with a crowbar!:)