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    When I was about 10 years old we went back to Texas on vacation to visit my grandparents on their farm as we did once or twice a year. After being there for a few days we had some place around 10 families come out to the farm to visit Dad and Mom. Many of the kids would visit my brother and I and most would say Hi I am your cousin so and so.

    I had no idea I had so many cousins and I’ll be dammed if I knew who they were. But it really did not matter sense we had kids to play with. All the men gather in the living room and was talking man talk and the woman were in the kitchen cooking up a storm. One of the men got on the subject of shooting so they all went to there pickups or cars and broke out some form of firearm, (handgun or rifle).

    Uncle Roy came strolling up with his rifle that looked as old and beat up as Uncle Roy did and that is saying a lot. The other men teased him about buying a new rifle and getting rid of that old piece of junk. I remember uncle Roy just smiling at them and getting set in his place ready to shoot. Granddad brought out his Colt Peace Maker .45 LC. The tin cans bottles and any such junk to shoot were set up about 25 yards out. And they all started shooting, some of the men were laughing at uncle Roy because he was missing them cans with his rifle at 25 yards,

    That is until they saw he was shooting corn stalks separating the ears of corn from the stalk at about 75 yards and cutting them down with his old warn out Winchester 1873 lever action chambered in .38 W.C.F.

    Least they forget Uncle Roy and his Rifle was the real thing.

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    Great story. Thanks for sharing it.