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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Dillinger, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Dillinger

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    So, we have a lot of serious topics around here, but few light hearted ones and I thought it was time we should have one that most of us could relate to, without dating ourselves too badly. :rolleyes:

    The only requirement to post is that you have to remind the group of something from back in the good old days, when you were a kid or whatever, that was a product or by-product of the time.

    For Instance:

    Do you remember when Band-Aids had that silly red pull string down the inside that invariably pulled out and left you ripping the package open anyways?

    Do you remember when music, REAL MUSIC, used to come on vinyl and had to be played on a record player?

    Do you remember when TANG was the breakfast drink of NASA and every kid under the age of 10 in the US?

    Does ANYONE besides me remember that the [email protected] Energizer Bunny started as a competition between cymbal clanging monkeys and was supposed to simulate long battery life, and not a drum banging bunny rolling from commercial to commercial?

    And so on....
  2. Doug1627

    Doug1627 New Member

    I am still young, 22, but I do remember Tang. It was great!

    I remember when Pepsi changed the look of their pop can, does that qualify?

  3. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Absolutely, but do you remember when Coke changed their formula to New Coke and had Max Headroom as their virtual spokesman?
  4. chorst294

    chorst294 New Member

    I'm only 28, but I can still remember full service gas stations. And when gas was around 88 cents a gallon. It was less than a dollar when I began driving. The good ol' days! LOL
  5. Doug1627

    Doug1627 New Member

    I do not. Is that when they stopped using cocaine in their soda?
  6. bogey

    bogey New Member

    Remember when

    Remember when Magarine came in those plastic packs that had a button with red dye so you kneaded the package until it was same color as butter? Remember when a girl friend stopped at a gas station where her Dad had a charge account(remeber those- before credit cards) had the attendant fill the tank, do the windshield, and check the oil and that big old Chrysler took $5.00 worth of gas; I was amazed I didn't know there was acar that would hold that much gas; my '41 Chevie sure as Hell wouldn't. Remeber the old copy mahines with the pink paper you had to put on original, copy would fade after a couple of months but, of course there were no faxs, electric typewriters and the only calculators had umpteen keys, took forever and weighed about 40 pounds. A box of .22 shorts was about a quarter. Some of my friends cars still had crank starters. During WWII had ration stamps for lots of things, including gas and the ration book came with a sticker to put on windshield that said "Is this trip Neccessary?" And on and on and on....
  7. gregs887

    gregs887 New Member

    I remember when kids were allowed to play tag at recess.
  8. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    No, it was in the mid 80's or so and Coke wanted to shake things up by getting a whole new, younger, hipper, formula. Tasted like sugar with bubbles in it.

    [ame=]Here's[/ame] and ad for it.

  9. Doug1627

    Doug1627 New Member

    Learn something everyday, thanks for posting.
  10. bkt

    bkt New Member

    Do you remember...

    Getting up on a Saturday morning as a kid and running off to play with friends 'til the streetlights came on in the evening, and your parents didn't worry at all.

    Typing essays and other papers on a typewriter -- no spell-check, no delete key, no automatic centering, and you had to remember to hit the carriage return arm.

    Kids respected and even feared their teachers and they cared about doing well in school (God help you if your parents got a call from the Principal).

    The check-out lady at the grocery store had to pick up each item, find the price tag and enter it in on the mechanical cash register keypad.

    Scars. Lots and lots of scars. These came from playing outside and doing crazy things. Playing outside and being active was our entertainment; there were no game consoles. (Very few kids were fat back then, too.)

    People could and did smoke anywhere, including the grocery store and restaurants.

    Guns could be bought just about anywhere, including gas stations, Sears, and mail order from the back of magazines.

    Cars with carbeurators. Starting them on some days could be a real pain in the arse.

    Paper grocery bags.

    Styrofoam containers at fast food restaurants.

    You could bring a knife to school to show off and people admired it, not feared it.

    Having a paper route.

    Patience was a common virtue: instant gratification was usually impossible because people had to save to get what they wanted. Credit debt was rare.

    Moms stayed home with young kids and families ate together and discussed their lives with one another.

    Saving S&H green stamps from the grocery store.

    There was no ADD. If you were disruptive in class, you got a smack on the arse and the humiliation was usually enough for you to overcome your "ADD" issue. Parents were grateful to teachers who disciplined kids.

    Ashtrays and cigarette lighters in cars came standard, but seat belts were optional.

    Walking to school or at least walking a good ways to the bus stop.

    Taking pride in our country and hating the enemies of our country, and that was encouraged.
  11. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    All really good ones bkt.

    The McD.L.T. - The hot side stayed hot and the cool side stayed cool in one of those infamous styrofoam containers.

    Soda refills did not exist. You bought a fountain soda, and that was it, when it was gone, it was gone and you had to buy a whole new one if you were still thirsty.

    Green Machine was the only competition for Big Wheel

    Smear the Queer was a game of tackle the guy with the football and not a hate crime.

    Farrah Fawcett Swimsuit poster - only to be replaced by Heather Thomas in the pink bikini from Fall Guy.....:cool:
  12. ScottG

    ScottG Active Member

    Had to do something like this in junior high school in the 70s. Wrote up a few things, can't remember many but:

    Do you remember when there were no "middle schools" just junior high schools?

    Do you remember seeing Franklin on a 50 cent piece?

    Do you remember having a real person worth looking up to on a dollar coin?

    Do you remember "dusk til dawn" drive in movie promo nights?
  13. bogey

    bogey New Member

    Remember when

    Hell, the Golden Arches didn't start until 1955; they added "under God" to Pledge in'54; styrofoam? what for? The drive-in's had trays that hooked to your door; likewise speakers at the drive-in movies. Bought my '57 Chev, brand new for $2600. Had Hudsons, Studebakers, Packards, Diamond T pick-ups; and the older cars Aero-willys(not a Jeep), Grahams, Hupmobiles, Kaisers, Fraziers, Tucker didn't make it, Nashs, etc. 30;30s still ruled with 30;o6's and .....270s coming along. Beer was 4.75 for acase of Coors.
  14. Gallo Pazzesco

    Gallo Pazzesco New Member

    Heck, I still remember the band-aid theme song.

    Not only do I remember Tang, but I also remember its byproduct, "Russian Tea" and Space Sticks as well.

    The Energizer Bunny has become obnoxious ... but I do remember the cute and cuddly days.

    I've still got shelves of mint condition vinyl 33s - figure they might be worth something some day. But I remember the days when no one bought albums, all they bought were 45s and you were lucky to have a turntable that wasn't shaped like a box, red in color and would only play one record at a time ... oh, and you had to drop the stylus just right our it would bounce and scratch your vinyl.

    I also remember when families only had one car, when there were no color TVs - and if you had a TV at all, you only had one. I remember when FM radio came on the scene and created a stir similar to the one Sirrius and XM caused a few years ago ... "AM will never survive!"

    I remember going Trick-or-Treating ... without adult supervision. And no one worried about their kids.

    I remember when you were not cool if you did not own a coonskin hat like the one Fess Parker wore.

    I remember when you could buy a gun (without a background check) ... from your local Mom & Pop hardware store, or KMart, or anywhere for that matter. Nary a worry about who was buying what in those days.

    I remember when Chet Huntley and David Brinkley owned the Nightly News ... "Good Night Chet, Good Night David ..." and you knew it was dinner time.

    I remember when "The Wonderful World of Disney" was the number one rated show on TV ... followed by (literally) Bonanza - which was considered racey at the time.

    I remember when the ritual family outing was the monthly trip to the drive in movie theater in the back of the family station wagon or family pickup ... because there was no such thing as SUVs back then.

    I remember when you could paddle kids who misbehaved at school ... and then they would get another paddling from their parents when they got home.

    I remember when a "C" was considered a bad grade.

    I remember the first Super Bowl ever played like it was yesterday. And I remember the first time Monday Night Football came on the air. And I remember the first overtime game. I remember when Mohammad Ali was known as Cassius Clay and I remember every fight between Ali and Fraizer ... they were all broadcast on a major network channel, live and free.

    I remember exactly where I was when both Kennedys were shot, where I was when MLK was shot, where I was when we landed on the moon and where I was when Vince Lombardi died.

    I remember when cable TV was launched and the first time I saw "The Super Station," HBO .... and the music videos they used to air in between movies.

    I remember exactly where I was the day they took the hostages in Iran.

    I remember when we wished to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner ... that is what we truly liked to be ...

    I remember when the VW Bug was all the rage.

    I remember the Tet Counter Offensive like it was yesterday.

    I remember Richard Nixon's resignation/fairwell speech like it was yesterday.

    I remember the Cuban Missle Crisis like it was yesterday ... we were living in Florida at the time. I remember my Dad digging a hole in the backyard for three straight days and nights so we would have a shelter. And I remember "Duck & Cover" vividly.

    I remember when a box of shotgun ammo was $1.12 ... Winchester, paper shells, birdshot.

    I remember never wanting to miss a Roy Rogers episode on Saturday mornings. That darn Trigger ... every kid's dream.

    I remember when Jonny Quest was the coolest cartoon ever made ... still is.

    I remember the Princeton haircut, the Beatles invasion and The Andy Williams Variety show.
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  15. McNabb11b

    McNabb11b New Member

    Remember before cell phones, when there was still telephone ettiquete?

    Remember when you would drive down the road and the oncomming traffic would wave at you with all of their fingers?

    Remember when GI Joe was an American hero?
  16. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    Remember when Saturday morning cartoons only lasted untill 9am and the most violance was when someone got smacked on the head with a hammer or Wili E. Coyote blew himself up with a ACME Rocket.

    Remember when video games were just that video games and we got bored after about 15 to 20 minutes. Then we went outside and burned ants with a magnifing glass.
  17. Chester

    Chester New Member

    I remember Bear Bryant and all those national championships, Those were the days my friend.

    The times were so much simpler then, We really trusted our government and our politicians.
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  18. npbwbass

    npbwbass New Member


    Funny how we were doing it all wrong by being so happy as kids and had to have laws passed to protect us.

    Bicycle helmets!! Can you imagine the flak you would get wearing one of those in the 50s and 60s? Playground wounds were a badge of honor. Adults were to be trusted and you were told to run and get one if there was trouble. Going to Sunday school was OK. Saying the pledge of allegiance every morning before class and given a moment to pray if we wanted too. The fear and the fun of doing H bomb drills in school. Sharing space under a desk with the prettiest girl in school was great!
  19. Gallo Pazzesco

    Gallo Pazzesco New Member

    Remember when soda cans (and beer cans) were made of this thick steel/tin and you had to use a can opener to get into them? There was this Bic Pen commercial ... where the guy used a Bic pen to punch holes in the top of the soda can.

    Remember when you could not get Coors east of the Mississippi ... and it was rumored that Coors would get you buzzed faster than other beers?

    Remember when you could order guns, shoes, whatever, out of the Sears Catalog and they would deliver it to your home the next day.

    Remember when everyone smoked ... all used cars had a smoke smell. Restaurants were smokey, airplanes were smokey ... everyone smoked.

    Remember when Hollywood was full of Conservatives?

    Remember when the newest and great technology was having a push button phone in your home?

    Remember when kids got home from school and went straight out doors to play with the neighborhood kids, or the farm animals, or they went fishing at the local pond ...

    Remember when 2001: A Space Odessy came-out and everyone said, "That's Bravo Sierra - computers will never talk, or think, or make all of the decisions ..."

    Remember when you could actually expect to get an operator on the phone, or a customer service rep ...

    Remember when there was only one language spoken in this country and you had to know how to speak it, with manners, if you wanted to get anywhere in life, or on the road ...

    Remember when everyone's dream car was a Caddy?

    Remember when there were very few interstate highways ...

    Remember having your gas pumped, your oil and tires checked and your windshield washed every time you pulled in to fill your tank?

    Remember the "Good Gulf" or the Grab a Tiger By The Tail "Esso" commercials?

    Remember when shotgunners used single shots, pumps or side by sides ... there were very few Semi Autos around.

    Remember when the Colt Python was "The Pistol" to have ... or the Anaconda for that matter.
  20. c3shooter

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    Remember Penny Candy that WAS a penny? Or dropping a penny in the gumball machine? Watching the Howdy Doody show, and secretly lusting after Princess Summer-Spring-Winter-Fall, along with Annette on the Mickey Mouse Show, and Sky King's niece, Penny? Remember "Duck & Cover" training of kids in school? Remember the original "March of Dimes" to fund a cure for polio- and kids in iron lungs? Remember when Doctors made housecalls- and delivered babies at home? High topped sneakers with "blowout patches" over your ankles? Turning on your headlights at the drive-in, so the carhop would come take your order, or pickup the tray? Butch wax for making the front of your haircut stand up? Getting Green Stamps at the gas station? When flying on a commerical aircraft WAS a big deal- and Stewardesses (not flight attendants) were all single, pretty, and served good meals on the plane? And I can remember one flight in 1970, had a revolver with me- declared it to the ticket agent, who gave me a "gun ticket"- and carried it aboard the aircraft, gave it and the revolver to the Captain, who kept it during the flight, returned it to me at the destination, smiled and said "Nice gun. Got one just like it."