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    Had issue w my 870 express - pump was rubbing finish off left side of receiver. I called Rem CS and they sent me packing label to ship the gun back to them for free.

    Since I was sending it back, I respectfully requested some upgrades - install 1100 mid-sight bead & larger green florescent front sight. I even offered to pay for it. They did it all for free, even refinished the receiver and as a bonus, installed a jumbo head safety and included a white front site bead in case I wanted to change it up. All shipping & handling was billed to warranty.

    Very impressed. Always love it when a company exceeds your expectations.
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    I had a similar experience with Remington this year although not as excessive as yours.
    Somehow, I had got solvent on my prize Remington 700 CDL 7MM Rem. Mag hunting rifles Butt Pad. I was not aware of it at the time and put the rifle in the gun case. A couple of months later I opened the case and the Butt Pad had actually melted and was fastened to the gun case foam as it was melting and deteriorating. I called Remington Customer Service as you did to find out which new Butt Pad I needed to purchase to replace the mishapt. The Remington representative advised me of the Butt Pad I needed that was for my rifle. He then advised they had a newer and better version out for the CDL at this time. Upon inquiring what it would cost me to order one. He advised no problem they would send me one of the New Version Butt Pads for my rifle at no cost on them! WOW! today that is a rarity as your experience was. I have nothing but good to say about their customer service as with your experience! :D


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    I have had good experiences with Remington and also with Ruger. Remington was mostly about technical assistance and firearms history. Ruger was about a gun that got purchased new once, sent back for function problems twice, and traded for a very nice SKS once

    Having said that, I have never had a need to call Smith & Wesson, CZ or Century Arms....just sayin.....
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    Mine isn't with Remington, but S&W recalled my 469 back in the 80's for a problem with the safety/decocker, halfcocked it's supposed to decock, it doesn't, doesn't effect the operation of the pistol, just mine wasn't ever done, S&W has offered to send me a label, ship it to them free and back to me for free and fix the problem.
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    any company that mass produces an item can have some that slip through the cracks of QC at times. how their CS and the warranty handles those problems is what i base decisions on as to whether i would ever continue doing business with them in the future.

    i have been very fortunate in most all of my firearms purchases in the new ones never needed any repairs, or experianced problems needing attention, and the used ones i have bought, i usually just repaired them myself.
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    This is freakin' awesome! Good for you, man.
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    I sold guns. You can usually and eventually get anything taken care of, but it was far easier with Remington or Mossberg. Oh, and Weatherby. Browning and S&W first you had to get past the assumption that you must be an idiot because everyone knows they are perfect. First time I ever called Colt I was downright mad, but every other time I ever called them they were fantastic.