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    I just picked up a new Remington 700 LTR in .308 today. I am looking for opinions on scope mounting systems that you guys might recommend. I don't want to slap junk on a $900 rifle and limit it's accuracy potential, so I know I will be looking at spending a decent amount of money for a base and rings. I won't be shooting much beyond 500 yards so I don't think I need a base with built in elevation. Thanks for any input.
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    Well I hope you get more replies than I got when I asked about light weight scopes! Funny, because, like we say out here this ain't my first rodeo; I have a lot of rifles and don't have the real expensive scopes on them and of course it depends what you are going to be doing. Leopold makes great ones, old Redfields were good; stepping up Swavorski, etc. Have been curious about Shepards but never experienced one.

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    My personal choice on my Ruger 300 WM is a Leupold 4.5-14x40 Long Range Side Focus Parallex. Buy a good set of Weaver mounts and rings and your set. This shouldn't set you back more than 650 dollars and you'll have a rifle with capabilities of shooting from 25 yards to up to 1000 if the need arises. I prefer the fine crosshair and the side focus parallex is a must if you want to shoot any distance with accuracy. You should be able to use a low or medium height ring. The lower the better for good cheek weld on the stock. Hope this helps.