Rem 597 .17HMR to .22WMR report

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    I held out and refused to participate in Remington's original "recall on the cheap" for its 597-.17HMRs. Then, when they offered the conversion to .22WMR with a barrel changeout, I went through the hoops and sent it back to them. Took them about 6 weeks or so to get it back to me. Yesterday afternoon I finally had a chance to take it to the range for a tryout. Mine is the basic nylon-stocked sporter barrel version. The work order summary with it said only the barrel, nothing else, was changed. I started the session with target at 25 yards to get the scope on the paper, then sighted in. It held approx. 1-1/2 in. groups so I moved the target out to 50 yards. After re-sighting, I was able to get groups in the 2"-3" range but seemed like every fifth or sixth round was a flyer. By the time I finished, the target looked more like a shotgun was being patterned than a rifle being sighted. As the range faces west, I was forced to stop the session at about 5:30 as the sun was wiping out sight picture in the scope. The day was sunny, temp about 70, winds light and variable. Ammo was CCI MaxiMag FMJ only. All magazines (9) were loaded only to 5 or 6 rounds. All shooting was done from bench with a Shooters Ridge full length rest. I had intended to do a compare and contrast shoot off with my original 597-.22WMR (heavy barrel, Evolution stock, scope) but ran out of time. That'll happen next range session. So far, I'd rate the conversion rifle as a "so-so" shooter. There is good news, though: through approximately 225 rounds there was not a single hiccup, malfunction or issue of any kind.
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    That is good news :)

    Although, in Aussieland, some poor soul had a 597 in .22LR go KABOOM on him recently.

    I don't think they've totaly fixed all the issues with the 597 platform yet...