Relocating with Class II guns

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    I'm brand new to this Forum and am already in need of your help. I've lived in Alaska for some time now but left my Class III weapons in TN where my wife lives. Next month we are moving our stuff here and I need to know what the rules are.

    I hold a C&R license and was under the impression that I can simply notify the BATFE of my intention to move and provide my Alaska address; I would then mail the Class III (C&R only) firearms via the US Postal Service to my home up here.

    Is there a flaw in that plan? I see there is a flaw in my title, I meant to write Class III instead of Class II, sorry.

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    Difference in terms- Class III vesus 03. Class III refers to National Firearms Act weapons, such as full autos, short barreled rifles, etc. 03 is an 03 C&R FFL. If you have the latter, notify the licensing center of the ATF of you change of address. You can MAIL rifles and shotguns to yourself at your new address. HANDGUNS may not be mailed except by an 01 Dealer or a Manufacturer. Us C&R FFL folks cannot legally MAIL a handgun. We CAN ship by UPS or FedEx- they require next day air. You will be better off finding a dealer that you can pay to MAIL your handguns for you.

    Full autos- contact the BATF- you are required to notify them when moving those across a state line.



    Im kinda on the fence with C3shooter here, first you need to make sure Alaska allows ownership of Class III weapons, and then i think you should have them shipped to a dealer, because of the out of country stuff and all them goodies.If a dealer sends them i assume you would be safe, I would also check with the BATF about relocating the weapon and make sure all is squared away before sending it. I hope it helps and have fun in Alaska.