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    I started loading on a lee turret press several years ago and the dies/quick change feature is excellent. I started with 9mm...then 45acp, 40S&W, 38sp, 300AAC, 223 and now 45LC and 44mag. I have found the speed of the Lee turret to be a good compromise and my health/employment status is similar to yours which makes my time on the press almost not important...I just enjoy it and don't shoot competitively so being able to produce hundreds of rounds an hour is not important.

    Lee makes nice kits too which pretty much sets you up other than dies and calipers. I like a nice digital scale too as the mechanical one provided is cumbersome at best.
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    What makes the 550 better than 650 over multiple calibers. Change over is literally a couple of minutes.

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    How long to switch the bullet and case feeders from 9mm to 45acp?
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    I started on 30-06 and a hornady single stage. Spent a lot of money before I loaded my first round but I enjoy it. The quick change die bushings get expensive but I love them. Most of my dies are lee, but I do have some hornady and rcbs. I trim brass with the lee set up that has different pilots. Vice grip it to my press and chuck up the shell holder in a cheap craftsman drill. I really like the lee factory crimp dies because it crimps the same force regardless of case length on the collet dies and has a carbide final sizer on straight wall cases. Well except 30 carbine which I wasn’t happy about lol. The lee bulge buster works great on range pick ups that came from a glock but you have to have the factory crimp die for that caliber. I also run cases through it that didn’t drop right in my Lyman head space and trim length gauge. The 2 books I use most is my lee and lyman. I also have Speer, Nosler, and Hornady. Reloading is fun, don’t let it intimidate you. If you don’t have much funds, Lee does have good equipment for a fair price.
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    Case feeder on the 650, literally seconds. I don't have a bullet feeder but can't imagine it's different between the two, There's a slight advantage on the 550 for primer change, but it's not that big of a deal.