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  1. razorback

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    Hello, I am new a member. Just start back reloading.
    I could use some help on a reloading qt.
    Can anyone tell me the correct O.A.L. for a 270 with the following:

    Brass = 270 win trimmed to 2.530" according to Speer Reloading Manual 13
    Bullet = 270 130gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip
    Primer = WLR
    Powder = 55gr of H4831sc

    Thanks for the help.

  2. 1hole

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    Welcome Razor. Your question actually labels you a newbie, only new guys sweat OALs! :)

    OAL really ain't all that critical and YOUR rifle is the determining factor. The books OAL, or a factory round, or the crimping groove in the bullet are all ok for a starting point. It's just a starting point, not a law. You want to avoid jamming the bullet's ogives firmly into the lands but the longest limit for the OAL is usually deternined by the magazine.

    The books OAL is only the length they used to develop the published data from with the rifles they used. Their rifle isn't yours, so your best OAL will usually be different. But that's an "accuracy" pursuit for later, for now all you need is some safe to use ammo that isn't ridiculusly short or long. Pick an OAL that looks right to you. Check that it will feed and chamber well, vary it until it does. Use that length to "develop" your charge.

    Start low and moving up ONLY IF there are no over-pressure signs. That will take care of any variations between your rifle, OAL, cases, bullets, primers, powders, etc. and the book makers.

  3. Catfish

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    My guess would be what ever the lenth is that your bullet sets .010 off the lands. Most of your loading manuals give you a max. oal for the rounds. From what I have found after many years of loading my own that should be the minimum with factory chambers. Where I like to seat the bullets with factory chambers they usually won`t fit into the magizine. Try bumping just enough of the case mouth to tighten it enough to let the bullet slide fairly easily and still not let is slip just by holding it upside down. Thenput a bullet in this case and chamber it. Measure it and subtract .010 for you seating depth. In most cases these rounds will not fit in the magizine and you will need to shorten them untill they will feed from the mag.
  4. Bolosniper

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    You are just starting out so stick to the recommended OAL in your reloading manual. Those specs will keep you out of trouble while you learn to first make a consistent shooting and safe load. After you have acquired a certain degree of competence and familiarity with the equipment and the processes necessary to achieve consistently performing ammunition, then start learning how to refine those loads for greater accuracy.
  5. J3ff3r50n

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    OAL for .270 Win

    Hey Razor I am kinda new at reloading myself but I have a Lee Modern Reloading man. second editoin and it states the Oal for 270 to be 3.340; 2.540 for case length. I was also wondering if you had any info on something close to the 115 gr. corelok managed recoil ssp? I am about to put together a load of 32 grains of sr4759 with a 115 bullet intended for a 6.8 mm but it is .277 in diameter. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks All