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    My wife just gave me the back room to use as a reloading/gun room. Its a 8 by10 room. I'm fairly new to reloading and have my equipment. But its been in the garage and I put it up and take it down when needed. Now that I have a dedicated room, was wanting some ideas on a bench and set up for the room and maybe some pictures of how you guys have set up your rooms for reloading. My press is a RCBS single and I reload pistol and rifle.
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    I would build a nice work bench. You can do something nice and heavy with 2x4s and 3/4 inch plywood. That is what mine is made of. Just make sure the plywood hangs over the front of the 2x4 to be able to mound your press. I also have an RCBS single stage. I have other presses mounted too. But that is the one I use the most.

    A piece of peg board on the wall or mounted to the back of the bench is great for getting organized. I have shelves hanging with all my dies and other stuff. I have a bunch of rubbermaid drawers for my primers and odds and ends.

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    You got yourself a great wife!
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    Just a little anal, I guess, but I use 2X6s and two pieces of 3/4 in plywood glued together.

    A good idea is a coat of polyurethane (or formica) on the top, making it easy to wipe spills before they soak into the wood.
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    I went a head and bought a bench from harbor freight. It was the right size, on sale and its solid as far as the top goes for now. Time will tell. But my equipment fits on it and I like having the drawers to hold all my dies, scales and stuff when not being used. Also what I like if I need the space to work on a gun all I have to do is just remove 2 screws and move the equipment out of the way.

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    Nice table man. I built mine. Didn't turn out great but good for my purposes. I like the looks of yours pretty well. Congrats and welcome to the addiction.
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