Reloading Remington Gun Club Hulls

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by bwendholt, Jan 13, 2009.

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    On the Remington website they make comments in the questions section indicating that Gun Club hulls have different reloading characteristics than the STS hulls. I know they're considered to have a shorter reloading life, but all of the reloading manuals I've been looking at say the STS, Nitro 27, and Gun Club are the same from a component combination standpoint? Also, in my Lyman 5th edition shotshell manual the cutaway of the Reminton STS hull matches the cross-sectioned Gun Club hull. Can I safely use my Gun Club hulls with the published STS/Nitro 27 reload data?
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    If you can reload STS/Nitro 27 hulls safely, then yes, you should be able to reload Gun Clubs (and Sport Loads) with the same techniques and recipes, safely.

    (However, I and others on forums like these are usually anonymous, with no expertise or experience that you can verify. You might try contacting Remington for a more authoritative answer - they have more at stake in providing answers!)


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    Do they have a paper basewad?

    If so, NO.

    I suggest that you get the Lyman Shotshell Reloding Manual, as it's the only manual with the cutouts of the hulls. I couldn't find the Club hulls there, but they COULD BE Remingtom Plastics IF they have a plastic basewad and low plated base/rim.
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    Current production Gun Club hulls can be reloaded as the other Remington hulls. Original Gun Club hulls, which were black and had a fiber basewad, shouldn't be. (The black Game loads, current production, can be loaded the same as STS, etc).

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    The only way to know for sure is to section (cut in half) and insure they have the same internal volume.