Reloading my 45 ammo

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  1. gearhead396

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    Some one mentioned to me I should reload my ammo because I shoot so much and would like to start is this something I can just pick up and what all do I need to by i am a master automotive tech by trade so I assume with a little instruction I can do it any advice
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    FIRST AND FORMOST buy a good loading maual like the Lyman or the ABC's of reloading. That will give you insight into what you will nee and how it will be done.

  3. Axxe55

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    ^^^^^^100%. read and reread the book several times and adhere to all the safety precautions. they are there for good reason. reloading can be a safe and rewarding addition to your shooting if done safely, but can have very bad results if not done properly. i also suggest the same book as Robo suggested, and can usually be found at for less than $15.00. excellent book and good information within it's pages.
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    As stated, get a number of reloading manuals. One thing to beware of is that the loading info is not consistent among the manuals and it can change over time, so load to the low end of the specs. And take a look at Youtube; they have some really well done videos. There is a ten-part series about the Dillon RL550 press that is pretty good. I recently started reloading for my 1911 and found that the FMJ rounds worked just fine, but I have some issues with hardcast lead bullets. So, start with FMJ I think.
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    If you are the kind of guy that undertsands how to read a micrometer like used for turning rotors and stuff like that it will be a piece of cake for you. But you still need to buy a book. You wouldn't tear down an engine without having the proper specs, right? You should buy a book. And read it. Pay close attention to powder specs, bullet weights, stuff like that. But dont just ignore the little stuff either.

    How much do you shoot? How many different calibers? Think about that before you buy equipment.

    I shoot a bunch of different calibers. Probably about 20. I use a dedicated progressive for my .45 ACP. I have a single stage for the other stuff.
  6. gearhead396

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    Great advice everyone going to by several Manuel's today thanks for all the help.
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    Don't be intimidated by reloading, nor feel that you can just slide your way into it.
    It is a process, it has many interesting quirks that are similar to those that you may find in Automotive Mechanics, but unique in it's form or substance to the process of reloading. (e.g. loose primer pocket, double charge)

    Things can go horribly wrong, but these are usually related to process and the quality of executing the process. Things can also go very well, with a minumum of materials used to produce quality reloads.

    In years past, I reloaded extensivily, then took a break, then resumed recently. I was reminded of the need to establish and follow my processes. A simple double check of the scale increments would have saved me a scare. My process of loading only two cartridges for test fire saved me a box of overcharged reloads.

    As the others noted, read a manual or several. YouTube movies may also be helpful.
    But when it comes down to it, make sure you understand the step, why that step is important, what the consequences are of not executing the step flawlessly and how that step fits in with the others.

    As a Master Mechanic, you certainly have the manual skills, most likely the mental skills :)
    Experience, of course comes only with .. uh .. experience, but you can really get a leg up by making it an full imersion hobby. Read, Read, Read ....
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    Buy a manual or two first. Read them a couple of times. Then have at it!:p
  9. Durangokid

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    Check out the NRA Reloading Clinics in your area. This is the best way to start reloading.;)
  10. W. C. Quantrill

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    Its just like findin a small block with 4 bolt mains,,,you gonna put it back in the pickup stock, or are you going to tweak with it. Speed costs, how fast do you want to go?