reloading kits in Turkey

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    I was wondering if any of you guys know any amirican gunshop that has abranch here in turkey because i wanna buy areloading kit (press;berdan primers;moulds;trimmer....etc) and it seems to be impossible to find one;
    you know nothing like my old days in USA .:cool:
    I am here in Turkey for amonth visiting a friend of mine and Iwould like to surprise him with the reloading kit;so please help me :eek:
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    Ebay may be eh way to go for the tools. I don't know about components though and shipping them overseas. Also Berdan primers require specific tools for pulling and probably seating as well. Andy resizing dies that have a depriming feature would have to have the primer removing pin removed becaue they will just break, because they won't line up withthe flash holes of a Berdan primer pocket which has two holes instead of one central hole.

  3. Shade

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    0 will ship internationally. They are a Lee master
    distributor. I know they export. Berdan primed ammo is a pain to reload
    as you have to pry the primer out. I do not even know where to get that

    Some EU countries like Ireland do not allow individuals to reload ammo.
    Learned that one sitting next to a nice young fellow who hunts in Ireland,
    his family and friends own farms there. Also semi's are illegal in Ireland.