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    I have a (hopefully) Quick question.... Can I reload for a M1 Garand? I know you have to buy specific ammo, but can you make it? Would you have to buy anything special, like a specific projectile or powder?

    I really want one, but would like to know this before.... Thanks!!!
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    The standard M-2 ball ammo for the Garand is a 150 gr FMJ flat base bullet. The sticking point for the Garand is the pressure CURVE. If you use a powder that peaks too late, it will allow excessive pressure to impinge upon the operating rod. Op rods get bent by excessive pressure.

    The "optimal" powder for the Garand is supposedly IMR 4895. I have found that anything "faster" than 4064 is acceptable. I have loaded and shot hundreds of rounds using W-748 and BLC-2.

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    I have a dear friend who is a Military M-1 Garand and M-14, M-1 Carbine, and 1911 expert! He not only collects them but also builds and does regular work as well as custom match work on them. In fact, he use to build rifles for the states junior team and they won 7 out of 11 years at Camp Perry. So we have had several discussions pertaining to your question. According to him if there is a problem, with the M-1 Garand with hotter ammunition it possibly can effect the operation rod. He has advised me on many occasions, ammunition in the 2500-2550 feet per second range is probably best. Although he has fired hotter rounds without any noticeable problem depending upon the rifle. He advised basically it is conditional on the quality and the bends strength in the op rod. You can certainly control this with the amount of powder used related to presure as Robo has advised. He uses 4350 powder in his reloads. But if you want an M-1 Garand go for it! Nothing special other than the above. They are nice rifles if you get a good one! I have several myself. *But do not come down with a bad case of M-1 Thumb!!!! ;)
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    i use imr4895 and 168grn bthp shoots around 1 moa - 1.5 moa ive gotten moa groups at 100yds on occasion. i know i can outshoot it as i can do better with open sight AR or my 03a3. the latest hornady book has grand safe loads using different bullets and powders. i use garand loadings in my 03a3 so i dont have to segregate my 30-06
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