reloading for a 357 lever action

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by troutstalker2, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. troutstalker2

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    I have a browning model 92 in 357. Does anybody have a recipe for a load I could start with. I really haven't found a load that it shoots very well. I reload for handguns a fair amount and started with some of my handloads that I use for my revolvers, but it really doesn't give me the accuracy that I expected (6 inch groups at 50 yeards). I can do better than that from one my smiths. I think that I need to go with a heavier bullet. I've tried 125 gr jhp with 8. gr universal with mediochre groups. I did load 125 gr jhp 17gr of 2400 which is hotter, but not much better. I guess I just need a starting point.
    Any help woul be appreciated, David
  2. wooleybooger

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    if you have a large stock of bullets i would buy a lb of H110 or H4227. ive gotten good results from those and 125gr jkt bullets in a 6" ruger. 2400 i only use for heavy lead. i know you need rifle info but i dont shoot a 357 rifle.

  3. Olympus

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    I'd go with a 158 grain bullet out of a rifle.
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    I had a Rossi 357 carbine. I tried bullets from 90gr. to 180gr., I never could get it to shoot good. I sold it. Its been quite awhile back but I seem to remember the 180's being slightly better but still poor.