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    Let me start off by saying the following is merely an experiment for SHTF ammo possibilities. When components are scarce, we may need to improvise. Knowing in advance what improvisation will or won't work can save our bacon later.

    The CCI Blazer aluminumn cases are non-reloadable, right? I noticed that the newer Blazer aluminum uses boxer primers rather than the original berdan. It got me to thinking, what if?

    I chose the .45 ACP for this experiment as it operates at relatively low pressure.

    I found that the cases use a standard small pistol primer, so I decided to experiment a bit. Cases cleaned in a standard vibratory polisher, sized, decapped, primer pockets cleaned. Reprimed with Winchester small pistol primers (because that is what I had on hand). Mild charge of 4.0 grains of Red Dot and topped with a 225 gr round nose lead cast bullet of medium hardness (cast by me) sized to .452 and lubed with Jakes purple lube. Taper crimped.

    Results have been satisfactory. Accuracy on par with brass cased handloads using the same bullet (3" @25 yards). I do not know enough about metallurgy to truly understand the properties of the aluminum alloy used in these cases so I do not know how many loadings are possible or even safe. For an emergency, field expedient when all other components are impossible to find, this will work. I have not and likely will not try this with the higher pressure .40 and 9mm cases. I am too fond of my guns and face to undertake such an endeavor. I have way more perfectly good brass cases in these calibers to worry about it.

    Once again this is strictly an experiment for general information and not a recommendation for others to try. Try this at your risk.
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    I think under a SHTF situation this procedure would be fine to try. Desperate times call for desperate measures and what you have described doesn't sound too crazy to me.

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    The Major problem with useing Blazer cases is that the mouth of the case will split. I see no reason you cannot reload them untill it does though.
  4. robocop10mm

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    I can't imagine getting very many loadings out of the cases, but one or two may be enough post ZA (Zombie Apocalypse)
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    You can also reload steel cases.
    However, that doesn't mean that one should.
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    With each heat cycle aluminum will become more brittle. Brass doesn't experience this. It is worse with steel.
    Also, brass has some lubricating properties that aluminum and steel do not, they require a coating to aid in this area....especially steel.