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    I am looking for recommendations for quality reloading brass. I am currently using some old Norma brass from my father in law as well as some once fired wwb. I am looking for quality rifle brass to start organizing into numbered lots to see what my Remington 700 is going to be capable of. 7mm rem mag by the way.

    I have looked at Hornady, Norma, and nosler just because of the names. For the record, I am not trying to compete in benchrest 1000yd comp ( for now at least, I tend to get obsessed with these sort of things). I am just trying to play with the loads and bullets to try and find the most accurate load I can. Primarily target shooting and minimal hunting applications.

    I currently have rotumbo powder and 162 gn amax and sst bullets. Looking at this as a more of fun then obsession (for now at least!).

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    The Norma is widly considered the best. Hornaday and Nosler are dang good. Sort them by weight and # of times fired and you should have no problems.

    Winchester and Federal are good, just prep them a bit more. De-burr the flash holes, uniform the primer pockets, and turn the necks for the best possible precision.

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    Thanks man, much appreciated! Anyone else have any thoughts?
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    i use a lot of mixed brass pretty much whatever i find at the various ranges or stuff people give me. ive found hornady, remington, and federal to be the types i have the most issues getting back into spec.

    300yards or less brass type doesnt matter all that much so long as its pretty much trimmed and cleaned the same. im not a long rang expert either.
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    Alot of people I know are using Lapua Brass, I use Nosler or Norma brass. As for powder for the 7mm mag I have had good luck with one of the 4831s or 4350s.
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    I have used Winchester, Remington and federal for many different cartridges and I have had good experiences with all of them. When I decided to spend the money for some premium brass I went with Lapua in .308. I read a lot of good stuff about Lapua brass.