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    205A9B67-7079-4CA0-83AF-B6896CBC8EB8.jpeg Yea there’s always a messy part of the operation. My casting and lubing area in the garage. And this is right after being tidied up a bit.
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    Looks like you have everything you need but I have to be honest here. I would be ready for a straight jacket and rubber room working in such tight quarters. Just sitting here remembering when I had my dies in boxes still (switched to drawers a couple of years ago) and how every time I reached for a set; the set I wanted was at the bottom of the stack. Going back to that might send me over the edge these days. My reloading room has been a multi-year project of constant reorganization and I am still always on the lookout for ways to make better use of space. I can tell you though; every time I made even the smallest of changes that neatened up things it would have me grinning for days. Once you start it's hard to stop though.
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    I slipped up a bit when I added my gun rescue things in with reloading things . I do the casting ..... sanding ..... powder coating all in another area . The assembly & drying goes on in the rescue room so as to keep things clean . I have around 70 ammo cans of loaded rounds & brass I keep in another area . Once I remove some of the extra treasures I have around the space it will be better used once again . Restoration has so many processes to it that it all can't be done in one space without making a mess of everything . I am real happy that I loaded so much a couple of years that I can still shoot & not run out of ammunition . That gives me time to work at blueing ...... checkering ...... & building some long guns I always wanted to shoot . For many years all I did was reload & shoot . ( was all I had time for ) Now I am into the craft of rescue . ( and shooting ) I don't go to meets any longer so that has freed up time to learn . It is all fun & very interesting .
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